December ’15 Birchbox Review 2: Coastal Scents formalEYES Eyeshadow

Precious sample packaging!

Coastal Scents Eyeshadows can be hit or miss for me. I love their Revealed 3 Palette that I got in a Boxycharm, but keeping it 100, there are more than a few shades that are way too powdery for their price point (talc filler, much?). Sometimes, a little MAC Fix + on the brush will fix this problem, but with some shades not even that magic elixir can fix the powdery texture.

Birchbox decided to include this adorable (but well sized) duo sample from their Birchbox exclusive styleEYES Palette (USD $12.00) in our December boxes. I received two colors from the Glamour Eyes palette, which is the more “bold” of the three offered. Each palette comes with 8 shades, which makes the price point comparable to what you would find at the drugstore. Looking at the website, each palette does offer a good variety for people of all skin tones. For my tan skin, I could see myself wearing the shades in Formal Eyes during the day and Social Eyes for darker/smokier looks.

I really like this sample packaging. The flap is magnetic, so it keeps the product well protected. Since it’s cardboard, I was able to tear into the packaging and remove the pans easily to add to my Z-palette, something I really like. Honestly, most sample and full size palettes eventually get broken down and added to my Z-palette to save space and downsize my shadows to what I really love and use.

The shades I got were a dark teal green and a shimmery gold. That teal color did scare me, because it isn’t the best shade in the world on my skin. I prefer my colors to either be a truer green or truer blue shade, not really a mix (unless it’s turquoise). Teal can really wash me out. But the holidays were coming up, so I had a good excuse to play around with some glam looks.

How intense is this teal?! Other shadows used: Tarte’s Peach on Earth and Urban Decay’s Mildew and Smog.

When I first applied the teal, I had some pigmentation and powdery issues. Not cute. I tried out both a synthetic and natural brush, but the problem remained. I pulled out my MAC Fix + and that did the trick. Immediately, the teal’s shimmery properties were brought out and I got a beautiful foiled shadow look. Unlike some of Coastal Scent’s matte shades, this shimmer didn’t give me and bunching or balling up problems when applied wet.

The gold shade definitely had more pigmentation and I didn’t need to apply it wet to get the desired effect. This gold in particular is a little more on the yellow side than I prefer, but that’s just personal preference. It’s still really pretty. Again, no real issues applying or blending.

Probably the most mermaid holiday look I’ve ever done.

With a good concealer base and a setting spray, these shadows have good lasting power. They did make it through an evening of festivities. I wore this look on Christmas Eve, and my family stays up until midnight to ring in Christmas and open presents. I didn’t get to remove my makeup until 2:30 am and the shadow had still held up well. There wasn’t any fall out, but the colors were starting to run together a bit. But for over 8 hours of wear, I’m fairly impressed.

Rating: 3/5. For the price point, these shadows aren’t bad at all. Each 8 shadow palette comes with beautiful color collections. The colors are stunning, but some do require wet application to get the desired effect. Dry, it can have some pigmentation problems, and that’s really what makes me dock points. For $12, you can find some pretty gorgeous palettes at the drugstore that don’t have the pigmentation problems. Still, if you really love the colors, this isn’t a bad investment.

If you’d like to subscribe to Birchbox, feel free to use my referral code. Using my link just gives me reward points, like any other subscriber, not cash. (I’m just a customer, not an affiliate.)

If you feel weird about using my link, but still want to subscribe, cool. Just head to their website.


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