December ’15 Birchbox Review 3: eSalon Perfect Ending Leave In Conditioner

I’m over getting conditioners in box subscriptions.

Lately, it seems like everyone and their mother are putting leave-in conditioners in beauty subscriptions. I like a good conditioning treatment, as I have colored hair that I beat up every day with blowdrying and heat styling. But geez, I have gotten a conditioner in ever single subscription in December. All of this to say that I wasn’t terribly excited, making it hard to keep an open mind. I tried my darnedest, though.

Whenever I look at conditioning treatments, the ultimate question is: does this beat out my amika Nourishing Mask? This is the best conditioning treatment (alternated with 100% coconut oil) I’ve found for my hair, so when I try others it has to beat it. Leave-in conditioners don’t normally cut it. If I washed my hair more frequently, then I’d probably resort to using leave-ins on other washing days. As it stands, I wash my hair every 3-4 days, so alternating between amika and coconut oil works for me.

Enough about my current treatment, let’s look at this leave-in.

eSalon is a newer brand to Birchbox. I haven’t ever heard of it, but apparently it’s hair brand out of California that got started in 2010. It’s one of those brands that claims salon results without the salon price tag. I haven’t really found anything on the affordable side of hair products that works for me, but hey, everyone is different. Maybe my hair is just particularly finicky.

Their Perfect Ending Leave In Conditioner (USD $15.00 for 5 oz.) claims to do what all leave-ins do: soften hair, fight frizz, and repair ends for a silky smooth finish. Before getting to the formula, I have to say that you do get a lot of bang for your buck. 5 oz is a ton of product! And $15 isn’t bad. Not quite salon prices, but more high end than drugstore. The sample they gave was also pretty generous (1 oz) and well packaged. Brava on that, eSalon.

Alright then, let’s put you to the test.

I followed my normal shampooing routine, skipped the hair mask, and just applied this leave-in. The formula seemed lighter weight than your regular conditioner, which is good as it’ll be in your hair all day. When leave-ins or regular conditioner feel too thick, I get worried. I’ve had one too many conditioners over do it, leaving me with great looking but gross feeling hair. Not cute. It also has a decent smell. Light and not overly fragranced. This is something I can’t stand about some drugstore shampoos. I don’t need my hair to smell like chemical fruit salad. (No one does.)

After combing it through, I hopped out of the shower, towel-dried, and then went about my business. Per usual, I applied my go-to styling cream and blow-out spray. Then, I styled.

Up front, I could tell that this hadn’t done quite the job of my mask when conditioning my hair. My hair didn’t feel horrible, but I could tell that the ends weren’t quite as soft or smooth as when I deep condition. Still, the ends were soft and the breakage was tamed down a bit. Did it improve shine? Eh, not for me. My hair looked about the same as it does when I use regular conditioner.

As for styling, it in fact did not over condition my hair. It was soft without feeling overly greasy or weighing down my hair. I was able to blow out and curl my hair without a problem. Over the next several days, I didn’t notice the conditioner weighing down my hair faster, which is a bonus.

At the end of the day, would I make a permanent switch? No. It just doesn’t suit my particular hair needs.

Does this mean it’s a bad product? Not necessarily. It didn’t perform perfectly for me, but I think it could work well for someone else. Who? Someone who does need to wash and style their hair more frequently than I do.

I could absolutely see someone with fine, oily hair that suffers from breakage using this leave-in. Since it’s lightweight, it won’t make the hair more oily and treat the damaged ends from such frequent washing and drying.

I’ll probably also pop this in my suitcase for beach trips. I dive head-first into the ocean when I’m on vacation, which means every-day hair washing. This will be perfect to use on those trips, since the amika mask can’t be used every day without horrible buildup.

Rating: 4/5. This isn’t a bad product. It just isn’t one that suits my hair needs right now. However, if you’re someone who has oily hair and needs to frequently wash, this could be the perfect solution to your damaged ends. Also, this may be a great product to take to the beach or if you’re someone who swims regularly without a swim cap.

If you’d like to subscribe to Birchbox, feel free to use *my referral code!

*I’m not in any way affiliated with Birchbox. Just a blogger who subscribes and gets reward points, like everyone else, when someone uses their link.


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