December ’15 Ipsy Review 1: Beau Gachis Paris Concealer Brush

Everyone needs a good concealer brush…I’m just not sure this is it.

For me, brushes aren’t the sexiest of beauty tools. I’m slowly building up my brush collection through my beauty subscriptions, because I’m always lazy about spending money on brushes when I could be spending it on a blush or lipstick. My collection right now is really basic, but I love it.

Ipsy sent me this concealer brush from Beau Gachis Paris (USD $18.00 – on sale now for $12.00). I’ve never heard of this brush brand, but looking on their website it seemed promising. I love the name, which translates to “beautiful mess” in English. I already have a concealer brush that I use to clean up my brows, but I didn’t have one that I liked to use on my face.

Because this brush had a bigger build, I thought it would be good for that. This brush is made of synthetic hairs, which I prefer. I just find that synthetic makes for better makeup application (though there are some products out there that do apply better with natural hair). The handle is made of wood and is really sturdy. Over all, this brush is really well made.

The larger size does make it ideal for covering up imperfections. I used this bad boy to conceal breakouts. It gives fairly good application, but I still felt the need to go back in with a beauty blender sponge to make sure the concealer was properly blended. The problem is that this brush absorbs a TON of product. When I went in to clean it at the end of the week, it felt like gobs of product were coming out of it. In contrast to my other concealer and foundation brushes, this was disappointing. Since it absorbed a lot of product, I found that it would leave some streaks of excess product behind on the skin.

This was really annoying.

The bristles were easy to clean, but I couldn’t believe just how much concealer was coming out of it.

Rating: 3/5. While the brush is well constructed and the size is ideal for covering up blemishes and the like, I’m just not impressed with the application of the bristles. I’m not sure what they’re made out of, but the material retains way too much product which leaves behind some streaks (not cute). I want to love this brush, but I’ll be sticking with my beauty blender for now.

If you’d like to try Ipsy, follow the link!


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