December ’15 Ipsy Review 3: Jersey Shore Cosmetics Vanilla Bean Anti-Aging Lip & Hand Polish

Because no one wants chapped hands and lips.

I live in a pretty humid part of the states, but even our winters are drier. Dry weather means chapped, flaky lips and hands. I’ve been using a sugar lip scrub from Tarte, but I haven’t ever used a hand scrub. It really is something I should have had in my winter skincare routine. When I previewed this in my Ipsy bag, I got really excited. My hands were feeling pretty chapped as it was, even with hand cream.

I’d heard of Jersey Shore Cosmetics. They’re an all natural makeup and spa product line that’s suppose to be very good. This vanilla bean Lip & Hand Polish (USD $25.00 for full size, pictured) is completely all natural. I really can’t find any ingredient that isn’t natural. I love it when natural brands deliver on their promises. This scrub is sugar based and is jam packed with oils to help soften and heal the hands. It’s great that Ipsy included the full size product, but $25.00 for 1 oz of product is a good chunk of money. When I see this pricing, I expect the product to last a long time or to be incredibly effective.

I used this scrub at night every day before applying my hand cream. Based on that use, this little tube lasted about a month and a half. Not bad, but I’ve definitely gotten 1 oz products to last much longer. Now, did I have to use it every day? Probably not. I think you could limit your use to twice a week and get more longevity out of it. I really only deal with super dry hands in the winter, so the small size could make it a worthwhile seasonal investment.

The formula is interesting. Because it’s all natural, there’s a lot of separation between the the oils and scrub. You can shake up the tube to get everything back together, but as you use the product, you inevitably end up using more oil than scrub, making it harder and harder to get the product out as you use it. I found that putting a little bit of water in the tube helped get the product out, but I definitely noticed a loss of product as I used it up. That’s disappointing for the price.

I normally advocate against jar packaging for skincare products, but in this case I think a jar would make it better to get more use out of the scrub. They do offer the strawberry version of this in a jar, so I would probably go for that one.

You really don’t need a lot to get a good scrub on your hands. The texture is gritty, but not uncomfortably abrasive. You don’t feel like a layer of skin is being taken off, but by the time you rinse and moisturize your hands are left baby soft. Once dried, the hands don’t really have a heavy oily feeling left. Much like a body scrub, whatever oils left after toweling off sink into the skin. It took about a week of use before I noticed the more damaged skin try to heal. But once it started, the skin healed quickly. I love it!

I also tried using this on my lips. However, the formula is a little too oily for my taste. Application got a little messy. Of course, it did have the same exfoliating and softening effect, but I think I’ll stick to something a little more solid for a lip scrub.

Rating: 4/5. This is a solid scrub. The ingredients are, indeed, all natural and very nourishing. This is a great product to have around in winter to treat dry, chapped skin on the hands. It is a little up there in price and I do recommend buying the version that comes in a jar so you can take advantage of all the product. It can work well as a lip scrub, but is a little messier than scrubs with solid oils. Still, this is something I can definitely recommend.

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