December ’15 Ipsy Review 4: Marc Anthony Hair Care Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment

Coconut everything for my hair, please!

It probably gets annoying hearing everyone talk about what a miracle worker coconut oil is. It’s great for removing makeup, softening rough skin, and (my personal favorite) keep hair soft and manageable. Women in the black community have been using coconut oil forever to treat their hair, and now the secret is out and every person is raving about it. I already use pure coconut oil every other week as a prewash treatment to keep my hair soft and color looking better in-between salon appointments.

My beauty subscriptions have been in a conditioning treatment rut. I just feel like I’ve gotten so many of them in a short amount of time. I’m over it. However, for the sake of honest feedback I kept an open mind.

I’m snobbish when it comes to hair care. I just haven’t had much success with drugstore hair products, but I’m always holding out to find some affordable gems. You can definitely find great skincare and beauty, so why not hair?

This Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment (USD $7.99, on sale at for $5.99) from Marc Anthony has some promising ingredients and a great price. It’s a once a week treatment that you use in place of your conditioner that is suppose to repair and restore some shine. Lord knows my color treated hair always needs a little bit of that!

I love that the sample comes in a squeeze tube with the same amount of product as the full size. This will definitely give you enough trials to get a good sense of whether this works for your hair. The full size comes in a pump dispensing container, which is also great for shower storage. Points for packaging and amazing “trial” sizes!

The conditioner itself smells heavenly. With coconut oil and shea butter as star ingredients, of course it’d smell so good. Texture wise, it’s heavier than your average conditioner, but not quite as heavy as a hair mask or straight up coconut oil.

And oh man, it does deliver on its promise! Though not quite as good as my Amika mask, this still left my hair feeling and looking amazing! There were no over conditioning issues, nor did it make me feel like I’d just used plain conditioner. I think we have a great contender for drugstore hair care.

I didn’t get build up, but I also use a clarifying shampoo every couple of washes.

Rating: 5/5. While it doesn’t beat out my luxe priced Amika mask, this is a great conditioning treatment from the drugstore and a fourth of the price. Adding this once a week treatment to your routine can help to repair hair in desperate need of hydration.

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