December ’15 Ipsy Review 5: Formula X Nail Polish in Revved Up

I mean, who doesn’t love pretty rose gold nail polish?

Before I started getting beauty subscriptions, I wasn’t a nail polish gal. It’s not that I didn’t love the look of polish (I did and still do), but I could never give myself a good manicure. I’d get super frustrated and end up with a sticky, lumpy, chipped mess. Seriously, I was the worst at nail polish.

I also didn’t want to spend money on manicures all the time (I still don’t), so nail polish didn’t really happen. But then Birchbox (and then Ipsy…and then Boxycharm…you see what’s happening) started sending me nail polish every few months. I hate not using products in my subscriptions (unless they are terrible), because then I feel like I’m wasting money. So I basically forced myself over the past three years to learn how to give myself an ok looking manicure.

Formula X is Sephora’s nail polish brand. I’ve had some success with their formula in the past and was stoked to see this baby nail polish in my Ipsy bag. This cute rose gold color (Revved Up, USD $10.50 for the full size) was also perfect for the holiday season, and was included in the Formula X holiday gift set you could buy at Sephora. But seriously, wear your favorite nail polish colors whenever you want. You set your own trends.

I really like that this metallic is somewhere between a true metallic and a glitter. It makes for sparkly fun.

Metallics can sometimes pose the problem of going on streaky. It’s something in the formula that’ll make it harder to build color. I’ve had some promising colors go wrong in the past because of the streakiness.

See? An ok nail polish job (plus the extended sleeve of my winter running shirt).

Luckily, I had no streaking issues with this polish. In all honesty, it went on so opaque, I could have gotten away with one coat on some of my nails. But for the sake of uniformity (and habit) I went with two coats.

I also LOVE that this polish dries quickly. I hate it when you do a decent job on your nails only to find dents, fingerprints, and scrunched up polish because you decided to fold clothing just one minute too early. Fast drying polish gets so many points in my book.

This particular coat lasted 10 (10!!!!) days, between holiday parties, typing, dish washing, and all other nail polish damaging daily activities. I was super impressed.

Rating: 5/5. Formula X delivers again. They did a beautiful rose gold that goes on opaque, dries quickly, and has great lasting power. If you can get your hands on this color, you won’t regret it.

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!


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