January 2016 Boxycharm Review #1 & 2: Starlooks Luxe Longwear Liner Pen & Blinc Mascara Amplified

Nothing worse than a bad pen liner.

The great thing about Boxycharm is that they send you full size items. The bad thing is that if something doesn’t work out, you have to throw away a full sized beauty product. Such was the case with not one, but two items in January’s box.

I really, really tried to make these two products work, but gave up after several tries. First, let’s start with the best of the worst.

I love a good eyeliner pen. It’s my favorite way to use liquid liner. A good pen is a great way to learn how to do cat eyes, wings, etc. Boxycharm sent us this Starlooks Luxe Longer Eye Liner Pen (USD $19.00). I haven’t heard of or tried anything from this brand, but I’m always down to explore brands outside of the main stream. Even though it’s a black eyeliner, I was excited to add another felt tip liner to my collection. $19.00 is mid-range for eyeliner prices, so I expect it to perform really well. My favorite felt tip liner is one I received in an Ipsy bag from Absolute New York, a drugstore brand that’s a fourth of the price.

The tip of the pen is a little thicker than I like for these types of liners. Still, I thought it would be good for filling in a wing. It’s actually a good build. It’s not so stiff that you can’t manipulate the tip, but it’s not so bendy that product gets all over the place. (There’s a sex joke in there somewhere.) The pen itself is your basic black plastic construction — there’s not anything too special about it (but then again, how fancy can you get with the packaging of eyeliner?). I’d say it’s well constructed.

Eesh, that bleeding wasn’t a good premonition.

When I initially swatched it, I was a little concerned to see the liquid bleed out from outside the line I drew. I’ve had this problem before with liquid liners and have found that liners that do this tend to be harder to work with and more prone to smudging. Unfortunately, this was true for the Starlooks liner.

Please excuse this terrible lining job. Also, my eyebrows that I clearly needed to tweeze.

I just had so much trouble with this formula! If you look at the picture, you’ll see all these ridges along the line. I just couldn’t get a smooth line! Every time I’d try, I’d end up with these ridges. It happened both with shadow and on a bare lid. I also tried different primers to see if that would help. Nope. It was ridiculously frustrating, especially when I could get a clean line in one sweep with my Absolute New York liner. On top of that, this liner would smudge throughout the day. If I’m going for liquid liner, it’s because I don’t want to deal with the smudging you can get from soft pencil liners.

Rating: 1/5. I really wish this had worked out. The construction of the pen itself was really promising, but unfortunately the formula just didn’t cut. This is just a bad product, or maybe I just got a dud. If they find a way to fix the formula, I would be very interested in trying it again.

This monster…

Oh, mascara. I was complaining a few months back on how my subscription services were bombarding me with it. But since then it’s died down and I’m happy to try new mascaras again (even though I still have a huge stash of samples). When Boxycharm mentioned they were going to add this mascara to the box, I was intrigued. Blinc Mascara Amplified (USD $26.00) is a volumizing mascara that forms tiny tubes around your lashes. Really cool concept, as the tubes are suppose to form around your lashes, giving them more body. It’s also suppose to be less messy than removing traditional mascara, because you can just use a warm wash cloth to wipe down your eyes and the little tubes will come off.

I’ve seen this mascara at Sephora and had been wanting to try it, but the almost $30 price tag scared me away. (Especially since my CoverGirl Clump Crusher got the job done just fine.) Boy, am I glad I did not pay full retail for this.

You may be wondering why there isn’t a picture of me wearing this mascara. Well, it’s because my eyes did not love what I put on. It went on well and smoothly, much like a traditional mascara. However, about half an hour later, my eyes started feeling really dry. Then, they started tearing up and itching so badly I had to go and immediately remove it. For the record, the first time I tried this I wasn’t wearing any other eye makeup so the only culprit could be the mascara.

I have no clue what ingredient is in this, but my eyes said NO. I normally don’t have allergic reactions like this to eye makeup, so I’m discouraged by this.

Now, to its credit this mascara did come off easily in little tubes that weren’t messy. So it has that going for it.

As to its effectiveness, I can’t really speak for it. Before my eyes went crazy, it did look fairly nice, though it was nothing extraordinary. Just a nice mascara. But I can’t speak to longevity or anything else really because I had to remove it so quickly.

Rating: 1/5. I’m sorry, but any makeup product that gives me a bad reaction just isn’t worth it. It may work for others, but fair warning that this may give you itchy eyes. It really is too bad, because this is a mascara that comes off easily and without much mess.

If you’d like to try out Boxycharm (I swear, most products aren’t as bad as these), follow the link!


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