January 2016 Boxycharm Review #3: Royal & Langnickel [R]evolution Brush Set

From L to R: Crease, Large Smudger, and Detailed Shadow Brush.

Getting one brush in a monthly subscription is awesome (especially when it’s a good one), but getting three takes the cake! Granted, I’d never heard of Royal and Langnickel, but I checked out their website and it looks like they supply both art and makeup brushes. That makes sense, since painting and makeup do overlap in techniques. They teamed up with Boxycharm to get their name out there and sent a box of three brushes from their [R]evolution Brush line. Since the theme for the January box was around eye makeup, we got three eye brushes: the BX-90 Crease, BX-95 Large Smudger, and BX-80 Detail Shadow brushes (USD $7.99, individually).

The price point puts these brushes at the high end of drugstore, just below the cheaper brushes you would find in the mid-range. For the price point, the construction and feel of the brushes are really nice. The handles are made from that soft matte rubber that you’d find on some more luxe brushes with a gunmetal toned metal end. For $8, that’s some nice brush construction.

The bristles are synthetic, which I prefer over natural. A lot of my makeup works best with synthetic brushes. The bristles are all incredibly soft and silky, well trimmed, and have yet to shed on me. They are phenomenal at picking up and applying shadow. I’m particularly in love with the detail shadow brush. It does a beautiful job of applying my all-over lid shadows, no matter what the finish (matte, shimmer, foil, duo chrome, etc.). My favorite shadows to use this with are duo chrome. I notice a difference in the intensity of the duo chrome effect I get on the lid with this brush.

The large smudger is also a great brush. It is great for getting that blown out smoky eye look, especially on the lower lash line. However, I prefer to use it to apply my inner corner highlight. I find that the construction of the brush makes it ideal to apply and blend out a highlight.

The one brush that’s been a puzzler is the crease brush. This is just such a huge size for a crease brush! It really gave me problems controlling the placement of my crease shades. Also, I prefer my crease brushes to be fluffy, which lets me blend out the color. This brush has tightly packed bristles, which made blending very difficult. I’m still not sure how to use this brush, but I’ll find a use.

Still, getting three brushes and have two of them be hits is exciting.

Rating: 4/5. Besides the odd crease brush, this brush brand has delivered some great eye brushes. The standout is definitely the detail shadow brush. I think everyone could benefit from having this in their collection (if the price point is wallet friendly for you). The construction and quality is also absolutely beautiful for the price point. It’s exactly what I look for in my makeup brushes.

If you’d like to subscribe to Boxycharm, follow the link!


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