Sunday Sneak Peak!

It’s that time again! I have one more review from January’s Boxycharm going up tomorrow, but let’s take a quick look at what I’ll be reviewing this month. I always review a month behind my subscription boxes so I have ample time to get good use out of the products. I do in-depth reviews, so I have to give each product a fair shot!

Oh, Birchbox. At least you tried.

I’ve noticed Birchbox goes through cycles of having amazing boxes and then a miss or two. It’s normally around February, following the amazing holiday boxes they typically have from November to January, so I was anticipating this to be a miss. The pre-curated box didn’t grab my attention, so I opted to choose one sample and have the other four be “surprises”. The result: …eh?

If you didn’t guess, the product I chose was a tinted lip balm from Birchbox’s latest beauty line, Arrow. I’ve been wanting to try something from Arrow, since I loved what they had to offer in their Love of Color line. Arrow is more “on the go” beauty (lip balm, cheek tint, deodorant, etc.). Let me tell you guys, it’s good. I’d say worth dealing with the rest of the products. On the plus side, there is variety in the products (hair, skincare, nails, fragrance). But…these were a little lackluster. You’ll see.

February: the month of meh

Ipsy faired a wee bit better. They did include a brush from one of my favorite brush lines (score!). I’m in love, but we’ll leave the details for the review.

The other stuff is also ok. There was good variety (hair, makeup, skincare), but some of the products included were a little odd. There was one surprise hit, though. Plus, that bag was really cute. I passed it on to a friend of my sister’s because she needed a makeup bag and I’m drowning in them from Ipsy. (Glad my friends like them, though!)

Thank God for Boxycharm.

Boxycharm was the one who really delivered in February. First, they gave us six products. We’ve also got a good mix of affordable and off the charts crazy expensive. Can you guess which product that is? It blew my mind when I learned what the highest price thing was.

Again, there were some very surprising hits and some welcomed old friends (looking at you, OFRA). No real misses in Boxycharm, plus the variety was GREAT. But then again, they almost always do a  good job there. This was definitely an improvement over the January box.

The March subscriptions, though. Guys. GUYS. Those are going to be something special.


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