January 2016 Boxycharm Review #4: Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky Palette

Gotta love a good attempt at duping Urban Decay!

Coastal Scents eyeshadows get a lot of flack. I’ve been guilty of doing this, too, especially because they always claim their palettes are worth $40.00, but really they’re always on sale for $19.95. Lately, like a lot of other more affordable makeup lines, they’ve been trying to dupe the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Boxycharm has sent subscribers all of their dupe palettes. I joined up in time to get the Revealed 3 Palette, which is the dupe for the UD Naked 3. Honestly, that one I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. There are some good shades in that one, but the mattes were just not well formulated. They were powdery and had bad pigmentation. I recently depotted that palette and just kept my favorite shimmer shades.

So when I saw we were getting the dupe for the UD Smoky, I was a little skeptical. But still, it’s a 20 shadow palette, so I wasn’t going to write it off before trying it.

Definitely some bonus shades in here.

At first glance, the shadows from the Revealed Smoky (USD $19.95…also note that they even took the spelling of “smoky” from UD. Way to be subtle.) do look gorgeous. Comparing it to the UD Smoky, it has 8 additional shades most of which are mattes. I actually appreciate this in a palette because I feel like nowadays palette haven’t been so good about including mattes to create a full eye look (if only we could just live off of shimmers!). Granted, I wasn’t sure how well these mattes were going to work, because in the past I’ve found Coastal Scents’ formula to be way too powdery.

Since it’s a more affordable eyeshadow, they do tend to use a good bit of talc. Now, pretty much everyone uses talc, so I’m not going to hold this against the formula. But you do notice quite a bit of fall out and some “balling up” of the product when you dip your finger into a shadow. The shadows also don’t feel as buttery as others at the same price point.

Swatch of the top row.

When I initially swatched the colors, I did notice a little bit of an improvement over the Revealed 3, especially with the mattes. Still, that first matte highlight shade was a little worrying. I thought it was going to perform a lot like the matte highlight in the Revealed 3, which was terrible.

Swatch of the bottom row.

The shimmers swatched beautifully. I was really impressed with the pigmentation and smooth application of the color. Now, is it a nice feeling as UD? Absolutely not. But the color payoff was pretty great.


A blue smoky eye look. Pretty, but I felt really awkward wearing this during the day.

On application, you absolutely need to use an eyeshadow primer with these shadows. On their own, they can definitely blend and apply well, but it takes a lot more work. Using a primer, you can get a great eye look with less effort.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn so much blue eyeshadow…I probably won’t again. It’s too intense for me.

When I did my first look with this palette, I was blown away with just how pigmented the darker mattes and shimmers were. I mean, WHOA. I actually had to adjust the amount of eyeshadow I was using because of the intensity. A little definitely goes a long way.

Brown smoky. Definitely more in my comfort zone (and more “running errands” appropriate).

What was most surprising were the two lighter matte shades. The second color from the top row is actually my perfect all over base color. It’s a great match to my skin tone and makes my lid a uniform colored canvas for the other shadows. I find myself reaching for it all the time.

That matte highlight shade? It’s actually not as bad as I thought it’d be! With my e.l.f. C Brush, I find that I can really use it as a brow bone highlight. (It’s pictured in my brown smoky look.)

Hey there, brown eyes.

Guys, I’m ridiculously impressed with this palette. Is it a proper dupe for the UD Smoky? I’m going to say, no. Yes, you can find some shades that are dupes, but this is a different type of palette. I’d say it’s a good affordable alternative to the UD Smoky, but absolutely not an exact dupe. It does one up UD by including more matte colors, so you don’t have to go out and buy a separate matte palette.

Ok, last picture of this makeup look, I promise. Narcissism over. (Lipstick is Revlon’s Super Stay in Coffee Bean.)

Rating: 4.5/5. Keeping it real, this is not the best “dupe” out there for the UD Smoky Palette. However, it’s actually the best palette from Coastal Scent’s Revealed line that I’ve ever tried. I’m thoroughly enjoying each shade from this palette and find myself reaching for it all the time. The shadows are great for a full eye look, including lining the eyes. And the formula of the matte shades have been a phenomenal improvement over the Revealed 3, though I still feel there’s room for improvement with their lighter matte shades. If you want a smoky eye palette, but don’t want to drop $40 and then some on UD shadows, this is a great alternative.

If you’d like to try Boxycharm, follow the link!


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