February 2016 Birchbox Review #2: Color Club Nail Polish in That’s My Jam

Because we all paint our nails on our nights in. (It’s not just me, right?)

Continuing the theme of girl’s night in, Birchbox sent me a mini nail polish from Color Club in That’s My Jam, (USD $8.50, full size). The color is one that’s exclusive at Birchbox and is described as deep wine color that “walks the line between pink and red”. This is a spot on color description and is exactly what you’ll get. I’m not the biggest fan of red nail polish, but I still wanted to test out the formula.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Color Club, but had yet to try anything myself. I’m always down for exploring outside of my usual brands (OPI, Essie, and Formula X).

The formula went on pretty well. The first coat was a tad bit streaky, but dried down nicely. By the second coat, I got full opacity. While I don’t like to wear red, I can’t deny that the color applies beautifully. It’s a little lighter than what it looks like in the bottle, but that makes it a great red for the spring.

At-home polish job. Please ignore any messiness.

Staying power was decent. Though I accidentally chipped one of my thumbnails by attacking a zipper (my bad), the rest of my nails didn’t start chipping until 5 days in, which is pretty astounding. And by “chip” I mean barely noticeable chips, not gigantic chunks. I actually got a solid 8 days of wear out of this before I had to take off the polish because I wanted to change the color.

Rating: 5/5. I’m not sure if this polish lasted a long time because of the polish itself or because of my base and top coat. Either way, it lasted a long time and I would love to try some other colors from this brand.

If you’d like to subscribe to Birchbox, follow the link!


5 thoughts on “February 2016 Birchbox Review #2: Color Club Nail Polish in That’s My Jam

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks for the kind comment!
      This is going to make me sound like I work for Birchbox, but I swear I have zero connection to them other than as a subscriber. I’ve been subscribed for a little over three years, so that’s how I know the ins and outs.

      Birchbox is a beauty subscription that costs $10/month (or $110 if you pay upfront for a full year — so you get one box free). They send you 5 to 6 beauty samples based on a beauty profile you fill out. Occasionally they’ll have “Editor Boxes” where they’ve pre-selected the items around a certain theme. Each month, you can either choose to get the Editor Box or choose one of your five items from a series of choices and have the other four samples be a complete surprise.

      Overall, I really love my experience with Birchbox because they have the BEST rewards program for their customers. For example, each time you review a sample from your box, you get 10 points (so if you review all the samples from your box, you’ll get 50 points). 100 points = $10 to use on their website. You’ll also get points for every dollar you make. So say you make a $30 purchase, you’ll earn 30 points. I have no problems building up enough points to buy some splurge worthy things I’d normally never buy.

      But I’m also not going to lie, once you sign up it does take Birchbox a little while to figure out what to send you. In the beginning, I wouldn’t always get samples I liked but as I gave feedback my boxes got better. There was also the dark period near the end of 2013, where the quality of Birchbox was terrible. But they responded to the complaints by listening to their customers and getting their act together and the quality of the boxes improved tremendously. (Plus, Ipsy and Boxycharm came along…a little competition can be a great motivator.)

      Also a little warning, it can be tough in the beginning to choose an Editor Box or get full access to your monthly sample choice, because it’s done on a first come first serve basis. Kind of like Sephora VIB/VIB Rouge or Ulta Platinum, Birchbox has their Aces Program. Once you accumulate 500 points in a calendar year, you’ll get Ace Status, which means you get free shipping no matter what, access to secret sales, and first dibs on monthly sample choice.

      I could ramble some more, but that’s my general experience with Birchbox. Even though some months are misses, I’m really happy with them and don’t see myself unsubscribing any time soon.

      Hope this helps!

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