February 2016 Ipsy Review #1: It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

Because I don’t already have a million leave in conditioner samples in my stash.

I can’t blame Ipsy for sending me a product that I’ve already tried and owned in the past. After all, there’s not really a section where I can check off those products. Though, I did let them know in my February feedback that I’ve tried It’s a 10’s various conditioning treatments and would no longer like to receive any. In fact, I’d be down for not getting any more conditioning treatments in any of my subscriptions for a while. It’s nice to keep a travel size bottle or two for trips, but most of the time I stick with what already works for my hair.

That being said, this is by no means a bad brand or a bad product. If you’ve been on the beauty scene for a while, then you’re at least familiar with the name. It’s a 10 has a whole line of hair care products that you can buy at the drugstore or Ulta. It’s definitely way more affordable than luxe brands like Living Proof, Amika, and Bumble & Bumble, but it’s also not the most affordable in haircare. Ipsy sent me the Miracle Leave-In Product (USD $18 for 4 oz or $36 for 10 oz). You are getting a ton of product for the price, so definitely don’t feel like you’re wasting your money if you buy this.

I remember when this first came out, there was so much hype around it. It was suppose to be this magical hair product that could do everything: condition, add shine, repair split ends, heat protect, etc. You’d think this stuff was made of unicorn tears.

In all honesty, this is a VERY versatile hair product. It’s nourishing enough to act like a conditioning treatment in wet hair (though, in my opinion, very damaged hair will need something heavier), but light enough to use as a styling cream or a touch-up product on dry hair between washes. It also smells really good. Back in the day when I used It’s a 10, I really liked it.

So why did I stop using it? Well, when I started coloring my hair my needs changed. It’s a 10 just simply couldn’t meet what I needed. More than a leave-in treatment, I now need deeper conditioning whenever I wash my hair, which is why I resort to a hair mask.

What about as a styling cream? I still think It’s a 10 works fabulously as such. However, I found that for my personal hair needs, Living Proof’s PhD 5 in 1 Styling Treatment just works better. My hair does what I want it to more easily. It’s nitpicky, but in the end Living Proof won out, despite the higher price point.

And as a touch-up treatment on the ends? Yes, absolutely, it works really well as that. But yet again, I found that Bumble & Bumble’s Hair Dresser Oil just delivers slightly more of that shine and softness that I need to liven up the ends of my hair between washes.

So who is this good for? I’d say, if you cannot afford higher end hair products or you can’t spend your money on so many hair products, It’s a 10 is probably your best bet. Also, if you’re not as high maintenance about your hair as I am and want a product that is great at multitasking, this is absolutely for you.

Who knows? There may be a day when I come back to this product. For now, I’ve passed along this well sized sample to a friend who already loves it.

Rating: 5/5. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product hits it out of the park. It’s versatile, nourishing, and priced just right. While there are definitely other products out there that can perform better, I have yet to find one at a higher price point that is as versatile as this.

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