Sneak Peak Monday: March Beauty Subscriptions

It’s that time again! We’re going to look at what’s up for review in the coming month.

March was a pretty great month for my beauty subscriptions. I was really pleased with all of them and found more than one product that I liked. All the services seem to be on a roll in the spring, but with summer coming up I’m anticipating yet another SPF bonanza. I do like my SPF, but I still have samples left over from last summer to get through.

Any way, let’s look at what’s to come.

March Birchbox

I opted for the March Editor’s Box from Birchbox. It had some products I’ve been wanting to try for a while, plus a sample from a new makeup line, Milk, that everyone has been raving about.

On first impression, I was pretty happy with the editor box. Of course, they just had to throw in a product from Parlor, their exclusive hair care brand. They want us to love it. The last product I tried was a definite improvement, but I always roll my eyes whenerver I see this in a box. And yes, that is the teeniest baby lipstick sample you see from Milk. It’s so ridiculous. I know it’s a new company, but come on. Give us a little more product!

But let me tell you, there were some surprise hits and misses in this box.

March Ipsy

Ipsy also did a stellar job in curating the bag. The pattern isn’t my favorite, so this will go in my give away stash. There were some pretty exciting items in here, though, and the variety was amazing: skin care, makeup, tools, and hair care. Beautiful job, Ipsy.

I’ve been on the fence about buying NYX’s Liquid Suede products. The reviews out there seemed to be mixed, so I was stoked to get one in an Ipsy bag. The color they sent is incredibly bright. Wait till you see it in the pictures.

Another exciting product was the Living Proof Dry Shampoo. I’m already very familiar with this formula and am really happy to give you guys my thoughts on it. Plus, I travel every week and a travel size dry shampoo is always a welcomed addition to my collect.

March Boxycharm

Boxycharm has really set the bar high early this year for their boxes with the March edition. Preview after preview, I got a little more excited.

The fact that we got two Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and a Luxie Brush sold me on the box. Makeup Geek pretty much has the best affordable shadows on the market (Marlena really knows what she’s doing) and Luxie is hands down my favorite independent brush company.

There was a little bit of eye rolling at the inclusion of a Catherine Malandrino fragrance. As you’ve read in the past, I’m simply not a fan of this brand. Every perfume I’ve tried is either too sweet or too mature smelling. Spoiler alert: this trend continues…

Finally, the eye cream and the universal brow pencil were great way to round out the March box.

See? Over all, everyone did a pretty great job of curating boxes with a variety of products. I’m so excited to share my reviews!


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