March 2016 Ipsy Review #3: NYX Liquid Suede

When you get a product you’ve been dying to try.

While I’ve gotten some really exciting products in beauty subscriptions, I’ve rarely gotten something I’d been wanting to try for a while. When that happens, I’m extra happy with the subscription services. This is one of those “dying to try” products.

I’m such a huge fan of the NYX brand. I can safely say that they’re my favorite drugstore makeup, especially for lip products. (Milani is a close second.) I’d heard mixed reviews about the Liquid Suede Line (USD $6.99), which made we want to try it but scared about investing in a product I wouldn’t like. Yes, I can always return it, but that’s such a hassle. Much of the discussion was around the formula of these liquid lipsticks. Some loved it, some hated it. I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Ipsy sent a FULL SIZE Liquid Suede to some of us, and I was stoked to see I was one of them! They could probably do this because NYX is so affordable, but I’m always down for a full size product in a $10 subscription, affordable or otherwise. I got the color Pink Lust, which, as you’ll see in the pictures is an incredibly bright hot pink.

Almost positive they could see my lips from outer space.

Liquid Suede is one of three options NYX currently offers in the matte liquid lipstick form. The Soft Matte Lip Cremes are one and the other is the Lip Lingerie. These three formulas are really different from one another. I own a few from the other two lines, so I think it’s fair to compare what each has to offer.

The Soft Matte Lip Cremes do set to a powdery finish and I’d say they have the better lasting power of the three. This does make them the more drying of the three, but with proper lip conditioning they can be very comfortable to wear for a few hours. I don’t really feel a need to reapply these, plus some can get a wee bit chunky if you do try to layer them.

The Lip Lingerie also sets down to a very matte finish. The range is all nudes and neutral, unlike the Soft Matte Lip Cremes, which come in a variety of colors. Despite being completely matte, these definitely wear away throughout the day, though not as quickly as a traditional lipstick. I have to reapply these once or twice to get them to last eight hours. Since the finish is really matte, these are the more uncomfortable of the three.

So how does Liquid Suede compare? NYX describes them as cream lipsticks that set into a “striking matte finish” and are waterproof. I have to respectfully disagree. These to have a matte finish to them. However, they do not settle into the powdery finish of traditional matte liquid lipsticks. They look more like a traditional matte lipstick. They also don’t 100% set on the lips, like a Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream. Because they don’t set, they might be waterproof, but they are in no way transfer proof. You absolutely need to reapply these after eating and drinking.

Surprisingly wearable.

Despite these not being transfer proof or drying down to that powdery finish, these aren’t duds. You do get the liquid lip look, but get a very comfortable product in exchange for the longevity of other formulas. This is ideal for people that have dry lips and just cannot tolerate liquid lipstick but want to get the look.

Honestly, these were so comfortable that I went out and bought three other colors: Soft Spoken (brown nude), Cherry Skies (vampy red), and Tea and Cookies (light pink). This gave me a better idea of the formula and application in the overall range.

Application is going to vary depending on the color. Like other liquid lipsticks, the lighter colors tend to be streakier. Tea and Cookies is actually quite streaky and I can’t wear it on its own without my natural lip color showing through. I do use it, however, to mix with some of my darker brown liquid lipsticks to lighten them up.

Pink Lust, the color Ipsy sent, is really neon and was also a wee bit streaky. However, it wasn’t as bad as Tea and Cookies. I actually got full opacity with two coats. The formula also allowed the lipstick to still feel comfortable with two coats. It doesn’t ball up or get chunky, which can happen with some other formulas. Because it’s a neon, it does leave behind a stain, so you don’t look like you have chunks missing from your lips between applications.

Soft Spoken and Cherry Skies had the best application. This tends to happen with darker colors. Both went on smoothly with full opacity in one swipe. Be careful with Cherry Skies, as it can transfer everywhere, especially when eating. But then again, you have to be that careful with vampy colors normally. If you’re looking for the color lock guarantee of a liquid lipstick, I’d go with another brand.

Soft Spoken, a darker pinky nude color, was actually the one that settled the best on the lips. I actually didn’t have to reapply this color! I’m not sure what was so different about the formula, because it was equally comfortable, but it actually set on the lips.

All colors were fairly easy to remove with makeup wipes, though Pink Lust needed an extra dose of micellar water.

Rating: 3.5/5. These liquid lipsticks are very different from their description and I can understand why people are so divided. If you’re looking for a powdery finish, completely color locked formula, you’re not going to like this. But if you want the look of a liquid lipstick and are willing to sacrifice longevity for comfort, you’ll really enjoy these. Be careful with the lighter colors, as they can be streaky.But for $6, you’re getting a pretty good product. NYX is extending the color line, so I’m excited to see what they’ll be adding.

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!


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