March 2016 Boxycharm Review #2: Makeup Geek Eyeshadow

Hello, beautiful.

When I started getting back into makeup, it became clear that there were so many amazing brands available online that weren’t back when I was in high school and college. The internet can be a  really wonderful thing. The wonderful Marlena, aka Makeup Geek, had ventured out a few years ago and made what was clearly a must-try makeup line. YouTube has really given some wonderfully creative people the opportunity to share their passion and quality products with the rest of the beauty community.

If you’re not familiar with Makeup Geek, you really should get to know them. This is a very affordable brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality in favor of price. They can stay affordable because most of their shadows, blushes, and contour powders are sold in single pans for you to put in a Z palette. I love single eyeshadows, but it was always such a pain to drag around so many individual cases. The Z Palette has been a great organizational blessing for this and Makeup Geek has made their products consumer friendly by allowing us the option of purchasing single pans.

Now, they are coming out with some of their products in compacts (a review that will be forthcoming), but as I understand it they’re still keeping the single pan option.

When Boxycharm announced that they would be including two Makeup Geek eyeshadows in our March boxes, I was over the moon. I’m already a huge fan of their shadows. Not only does Marlena and her team come up with gorgeous, unique, and wearable shades, but they are some of the best quality around on the market. I first purchased MUG shadows when they launched their duo chrome collection. It was a great investment, as they are some of my favorite shadows. Boxycharm put in everyone’s boxes one matte and one shimmer or foiled shade. I was lucky to receive two colors I didn’t have: Frappe, a medium maple brown matte, and Cosmopolitan, a rose gold with a shimmery finish. My sister received Cocoa Bear, a matte reddish brown, which she already had in her collection, and gifted it to me.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow prices start at USD $6 for the mattes, shimmers, and duo chromes, and $10 for the foiled shadows. We’re talking  very competitive drug store pricing for the shadows.They come packaged in a cardboard envelope that does a good job of protecting the shadow during delivery. The pans are magnetized so they can pop in easily into your Z palette.

Makeup Geek is only available online, but they are well worth buying. They have really good swatches to give you a good idea of what the shadows look like and there are tons of bloggers and YouTubers with pictures and videos.

Frappe all over the lid, Cocoa Bear in the crease, and Cosmopolitan as the inner corner highlight.

The formula of these shadows, like I said before, are amazing. They are incredibly smooth and buttery, but not so much that they can be controlled when applied. Application is a dream. They are richly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. You can also build up the colors quite nicely without having your look get muddy looking. There’s no fallout from these shadows, something that sometimes even high end brands can’t accomplish. I mean, Makeup Geek just hit the nail on the head on what we’re looking for in a good eyeshadow.

Please excuse my dark circles. I was doing a lot of commuting for work between two time zones.

These colors actually went together very nicely to do an all warm eye look. What I have pictured is one of the looks I came up with. Another time, I packed on Cosmopolitan all over the lid for a more shimmery look. I commend Boxycharm for sending some of the best selling and user friendly colors. Cocoa Bear and Frappe are staples in the MUG collection, so I’m really happy to finally have them. And Cosmopolitan is a great shade if you’re just getting into shimmers. You can build up the intensity as much as you want or keep it subtle.


I’d also like to note that Marlena’s company is very friendly towards people of all skin tone shades. Her website has recommendations on what makeup shades complement your skin best and in her contour shades she very much kept in mind all her customers: from the fairest to the deepest skin. I really appreciate a company that does this. The breadth of the MUG shadow lines is pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find something that suites both your style and skin tone.

Makeup Geek is out there making everyone step up their game.

Rating: 5/5. Let’s face it, MUG is setting the bar in quality and creativity not just for affordable makeup, but for all beauty products. I think it’s so wonderful that if you can’t splurge on $15-20 shadows or an expensive palette, you can still get beautiful makeup at an affordable price point. They’re really proving that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to bring your product to a wider audience. I honestly believe that everyone should try at least a few MUG products.

If you’d like to subscribe to Boxycharm, follow the link!


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