Sneak Peak Monday!

I was going to post this on Saturday, but the weekend has been busy with home repairs and organizing. April was a solid month for beauty subscriptions. Most everyone had a few good items to offer, though this wasn’t as exciting as March. I think March is going to be the month to beat this year, especially for Boxycharm. Still, let’s see what April had to offer.

A pretty decent haul from Birchbox.

Birchbox, again, offered a really nice curated box. There wasn’t a sample choice that made me want to forgo it, so I took the plunge. The box itself, a collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. is stunning. I’m actually going to keep this one for organizing my odds and ends. Marcelle, of course, came through with an amazing sample size. I freaking love Marcelle and was stoked to see we’d be able to sample their version of micellar water. Laura Geller also does great samples of their makeup and seeing a blush in the box made this choice a no brainer.

This is really well rounded out, though a little heavier on the skincare side with a hand cream, face cream, and cleansing water. Not that I mind that, as the products themselves  are diverse. And, of course, we have yet another PARLOR product. You’ll have to stay tuned to see whether this hit-or-miss brand faired well.

Over all, Birchbox did a great job!

Ipsy delivers the makeup goods.

Where Birchbox was skincare heavy, Ipsy was all about the makeup this month. I really don’t mind as Ipsy hasn’t been the best with skincare options. (Though I’ll never forget that Tucker Ashley moisturizer. Heaven.) The super exciting item in this bag is clearly the Tarte Lip Surgence in a special edition color for Ipsy called Wonder. I also love getting makeup brushes, so I was happy to see one in the box.

The hair mask was a little underwhelming, as I already have ones that I really like. I made sure to inform Ipsy to please not send me one for a few months. The OFRA single pan eyeshadow and pretty purple nail polish rounded out a nice Ipsy bag for April.

Boxycharm doesn’t quite meet the bar set by the amazing March box.

This is not a bad Boxycharm, but March was so freaking incredible that there was no way this would be as exciting. Still, there were some products to feel good about. Boxycharm took a break from hair care this month and focused exclusively on makeup and skincare. I don’t mind this one bit, as I’m overloaded with hair samples.

A cult favorite, OFRA Liquid Lipstick, was included, though I was disappointed to see they didn’t offer any of the spring shades. That would have been more appropriate, but I can see the company being stingy with giving out new shades in a subscription. I was a little skeptical to see a Blinc mascara primer. I absolutely hated their tube mascara, but it was promising that this was a traditional formula. I’m all for innovation, but that tube mascara was a serious fail.

There is a full size hand cream, which I can appreciate as I burn through hand cream. The lip balm from Purlisse didn’t get me too excited. I mean, it’s just expensive lip balm, but I did enjoy their eye cream so this could very well be a pleasant surprise. It was really nice to see an eye pigment, though! I love pigments and most subscriptions just stick to traditional eye pans. The color was a wee bit dark for something I’d wear in the spring, but it’s very pretty.

It’s honestly kind of a three way tie between all the subscription boxes in April. They all did a good job, though I wasn’t particularly excited by a single on. Still, a good month is better than a bad month any day!

We’ll be starting off with Birchbox on Wednesday, so stay tuned!


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