April 2016 Ipsy Review #1: Harvey Prince Organics Keravegan Hair Mask

When brands branch out into other products, the results can be interesting.

Oh, my dearly neglected little blog. I’m so sorry. Work, phone problems (my main way of communicating with work), and other life happenings have kept me from making my thrice weekly posts. But here I am! Back at it reviewing products from our most loved beauty subscription services.

I love that Birchbox and Ipsy have introduced me to the world of Harvey Prince’s fragrances. Hello is pretty much universally loved as a wonderfully light scent. My personal favorite is the more androgynous Sincerely. All in all, they’re a pretty great fragrance company I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for beauty subscriptions.

Interestingly enough, it seems that they’re branching out into other realms of beauty, specifically hair care. Hmm, ok. I’m always down to try new hair products. Ipsy included their Keravegan Hair Mask (USD $24.00 for 8 0z.), a nontoxic vegan hair mask. It’s also sulfate and paraben free, for ingredient conscious folks. Just glancing at the ingredients, there are some promising moisturizing ingredients including argan, coconut, and shea butter oil. I was down to try!

We all know that any mask I receive is measured against my very favorite Amika Nourishing mask.

Being a Harvey Prince product, I expect the mask to smell really nice. The smell is pleasant, but a little underwhelming for what I was expecting. I think it would be nice if it smelled like Hello. I don’t know. It’s not bad by any means, but I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t in love with the smell.

The mask texture isn’t very heavy, which is fine because I don’t want a mask to weigh down my hair. However, the texture left behind a somewhat dry feeling on my hands, which was odd. Some creams and hair products do that and it’s always a little odd when it happens.

I kept all other parts of my hair routine the same. After towel drying and heat styling, I was disappointed. My hair felt softer, but the ends still looked dried out. When I use my usual mask, the ends are soft and look less damaged. This just didn’t happen here.

I think because I have balayage highlights, I just need a stronger hair mask for my ends. This just doesn’t make the cut. However, being such a lightweight mask, it might be great for those with oily hair that do have some damage they want treated.

Bottom line: I’m a little underwhelmed by the first product I’ve tried from Harvey Prince’s hair line. I wish I liked the smell better and that the mask was a little more moisturizing. But I know hair products can vary from person to person, so this might be great for someone whose hair doesn’t demand quite as much moisture as mine.

If you’d like to try Ipsy, follow the link!


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