April 2016 Ipsy Review #3: Probelle Nail Lacquer in In or Out

I’m always down for purple nail polish.

Aside from specific colors or collections that Essie or Ulta will release, I don’t buy too much nail polish. My sister is the nail polish hoarder in the family, so if I ever want to put on something different, I’ll shop her stash.

When subscription boxes send me nail polish, I enjoy it. Occasionally I’ll get sent a brand or color I don’t like, but most of the time they’re keepers. I was stoked to get Probelle Nail Lacquer in “In or Out” (USD $6.00, full size), a beautiful, spring/summer appropriate purple cream color. Purple was my favorite color as a kid (now, it’s more blue), so I have a special place in my heart for purple.

I’ve never heard of the Probelle brand, but they seem to be all over the US. I typed in my zip code and it’s actually sold at a very random store that sells sort of $10 and under items. Still, I’m cool with venturing outside of the OPI and Essie polishes I normally use. The price point is very affordable for a nail polish and its packaged in a nice, heavy glass bottle. The applicator is your standard polish applicator.

I love the cream colors that are in style. I mean, I did go out and buy several shades from OPI’s Hello Kitty Collection, most of which are cream based colors. One thing that I expect cream shades to do is crack, especially lighter shades. It comes with the territory of the formula, and not a deal breaker for me. Still, it’s something I was anticipating with this shade.

This shade was so great to wear in the spring.

Because it’s a cream color, I definitely needed two coats to get full opacity. I was expecting three coats, but luckily I got in two. The polish formula is thin, but not so much that it’s runny and not pigmented. It’s not the fastest drying formula, but didn’t take any more time to set than your standard polish. I sealed mine with a topcoat from Formula X (my current fave).

I gotta say, this polish did a beautiful job of lasting and resisting chipping. I got 9 days of wear out of it before my nails had grown out too much for me to keep it. But everything was pretty much in tact when I removed it. And y’all, I do dishes, wash my hands constantly, open packages — basically everything that’s detrimental to nail polish. This was impressive.

And cracking? This cream polish did not start cracking under the top coat, which is always a bonus with cream based colored.

Bottom line: I’m going to peruse that random discount store for more of Probelle’s polishes. I’m very impressed with the way this cream based color performed. Since those are some of the hardest colors to keep looking pretty after a few days, I have high hopes for other colors from the line. And that $6 price point is pretty great!

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!


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