April 2016 Ipsy Review #5: Tarte LipSurgence in Wonder

An oldie, but a goody.

If I could name a brand that brought my interest back to makeup, it would be Tarte. The two items they were selling in 2013 that slowly sucked me back into beauty were their Amazonian Clay Blushes (still some of my faves) and their LipSurgence Lip Cremes.

Before I was brave enough to try more adventurous colors, the naturally pretty shades from Tarte’s Lipsurgence line (USD $24.00, full size) called to me. I own two full size and a couple that I divided up with my sister and mother from a holiday gift set. I love having these around when I want a lip color that’s on the more natural side.

Tarte made a shade especially for Ipsy subscribers called Wonder, a poppy pink shade, in a deluxe size. I have to give Ipsy credit. This is a universally flattering color without being too “safe”. Everyone could use a pop of pink in their lip collection.

So soft and pretty.

What I love about these LipSurgence crayons is that, in today’s world of liquid lipsticks and hyper pigmented lipsticks, Tarte is offering a softer alternative. By no means are these not pigmented. Believe me, there is absolute color pay off. But I have to say that the finished look is just softer than a lipstick. You want a “no makeup” makeup look? These are a great way to polish it off.

If I have one tiny gripe, it’s that these contain peppermint oil. I find that on my lips peppermint oil is a wee bit drying. It’s not sucking the life out of my lips, but I do notice at the end of the day that my lips are a bit more chapped. For me, it’s not a deal breaker, but those with very chapped or sensitive lips may need to test these out first before buying one.

Now, I have some sad news…

I’ve checked Sephora’s website, and it looks like almost all the original formula LipSurgence are gone, save for one color. They’ve been marked down to half price, which probably means the current line is being discontinued. Sephora is still selling the Lippy Lingerie version at full price (though personally, I don’t like those as much as the original). I really hope they’re just updating it and will be bringing it back! This is a great product for both seasoned makeup junkies and those just getting into makeup.

Bottom line: These LipSurgence crayons are tried and true. Stronger than a tint, but softer than a lipstick, Tarte has made some truly wonderful shades that are very easy to wear, especially for those looking to dip their toe into the makeup world. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’re just going to see a product relaunch, à la Urban Decay lipstick style, instead of a complete discontinuation.

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!


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