April 2016 Boxycharm Review #1: Blinc Black Lash Primer

Nothing like a (sorta) comeback story.

My first experience with Blinc was literally irritating. The tube mascara that Boxycharm included in a previous box this year made my eyes itch and burn like never before. I’m not one to claim having sensitive eyes, even though I’m a contact lens wearer. I can even take some of the heavily fragranced mascaras from luxury brands (but really, why do they do this? No one needs perfume in makeup that’s coming that close to the eyeball.) But the tube mascara didn’t even last 15 minutes on my eyes before I had to wash off all my eye makeup.

Needless to say, I wasn’t enthused when Boxycharm announced they were including Blinc’s Black Lash Primer (USD $26.00, full size) in April’s box. Still, I like to give products a fair chance, even if the brands past products were a dud. Out the gate, what seemed promising was that this was NOT the same tube mascara formula. I have a feeling that an ingredient that causes the tubing effect is what irritated my eyes.

Rubber wands are my favorite.

The wand was also promising. I prefer rubber wands to bristles, as they do a better job of separating my lashes. Since my lashes are already long and thick (thanks, Mom and Dad!), I go more for mascara that gives a wispy effect instead of clumping for volume.

The concept of a mascara primer can seem kind of gimmicky, and in the past I’ve found that most lash primers don’t do much in terms of amplifying the performance of my mascaras. The only one that I’ve seen do this is Benefit’s They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer. It’s my absolute favorite, which I use every day both as a primer and a standalone product. So it’s what I measured Blinc’s primer against.

Per Blinc’s product description, it delivers a base of length and volume while coating the lashes in a black finishing. They also claim that the ingredient Pentapeptide-17 will help lashes grow longer and thicker over time. I can’t speak to that particular claim, but I definitely could test out the first claims.

Not bad…but no Benefit primer.

Overall, the effect was…ok. The rubber was bristle did help to separate the lashes, like I prefer. But the formula of the primer itself was lack luster. It did add a black coloring, but I could see any difference in the thickness of the lash. It looked just like my normal lashes with a black coating. Not a bad look, by any means, but not what I was expecting from a primer.

What I like about Benefit’s version is that despite the fact that it’s dark brown, it still adds some noticeable volume, length, and drama to lashes, even if the look is more natural overall. This is why I can wear it as a stand alone mascara and feel like there’s a difference with my look. Blinc’s version didn’t really deliver.

Of course, I tried it with several of my favorite black mascaras to see if it gave them an added boost. Honestly, I didn’t really see a difference. My other mascaras performed the same as if I hadn’t used any sort of lash primer. Again, this is where Benefit wins out. Whenever I use it combined with another mascara (dark brown or black), I notice a huge difference in the performance of my mascaras.

On the plus side, Blinc’s formula didn’t make my mascaras clumpy or flaky (something a lot of other lash primers do). But it also didn’t give the added oomph promised.

Bottom Line: While I appreciate the great rubber wand and a formula that didn’t irritate my eyes, for the price point I wasn’t wowed by Blinc’s mascara. By itself, it didn’t make enough of a difference in the look of my lashes. As a primer, I couldn’t see a difference. My advice is if you’re in the market for a lash primer, go with Benefit instead. It’s a little cheaper and delivers great results.

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2 thoughts on “April 2016 Boxycharm Review #1: Blinc Black Lash Primer

  1. Hi BoxyCharm, Did you use anything else before blinc mascara application? The reason we ask is that blinc mascara is not only Hypo-Allergenic, it also does NOT penetrate or flake into the skin or eyes. This feature is what makes it completely safe for use on sensitive eyes. It lays over the lashes like a tube, so unless you were allergic, it shouldn’t have caused any irritation.

    Secondly, Benefit and Blinc have VERY different formulas, since blinc is focus on performance and long-lasting water proof hold, the primer is formulated for use with blinc’s copolymer based mascara. Benefit, and most others are oil-based paints, which is why they have the ability to flake, run and/or clump. Blinc Mascara and Blinc Mascara Amplified CANNOT flake, run and/or clump, and shouldn’t be categorized nor compared to with oil-based mascara.


    1. Hello, Blinc!

      Thanks for commenting. In reference to your question about your tube mascara, nope! Nothing else was applied to my lashes before or after application. While I did note that the ingredients are hypoallergenic and I actually did like the look it gave the lashes (great lift and length), unfortunately my eyes started tearing up and feeling irritated shortly after application. I know makeup is unique to each individual. I was just reporting on my experience. If there’s ever a reformulation of the tube mascara, I would love to try it out in the future as I love the concept!

      Second, any reference to Benefit was just as a comparison because in my experience their lash primer hits the mark on what I’m looking for in this type of product: a tinted lash primer that can be worn on its own and, when combined with another mascara, gives an added boost to that mascara’s performance.

      I completely agree (and mentioned in the review) that the black lash primer doesn’t flake, run, or clump. In the end, comparing it to a primer I’ve found that hits all the marks, it just didn’t give me what I was looking for.

      Needless to say, I do know that makeup is very personal and there are many people that do like this primer and the tube mascara. We all look for different things from our products. I’m just reporting my experience.

      All makeup brands have products that I love and others that are misses. I’m sure one day I will find something from your line that will be a perfect fit.



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