April 2016 Boxycharm Review #4: yourMinerals Sweden Eye Glimmer

Gotta love a good eye pigment.

Not counting LipSmackers chapstick, mineral makeup is my beauty roots. Because I had acne prone oily skin that hated almost anything I put on it, mineral makeup was a savior when it appeared in my early teens. (That and Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation when I had to cover several breakouts. Literally cannot believe the online beauty community is just not discovering that amazing stuff.)

I still enjoy a lot of mineral makeup, though my complexion has calmed down enough that now I can branch out past it. But I do enjoy trying new makeup from my classic brands (looking at you Bareminerals and PUR) and from new independent brands.

Boxycharm sent out this beautiful shimmery eye color from yourMinerals Sweden. I received their Eye Glimmer (USD $23.00, full size) in Brown Hypnotic. I love this color, because it’s a good neutral but with that extra kick of shimmer to keep it from being too basic. My one complaint with Boxycharm is that they tend to lean too much towards neutrals and aren’t more bold with their makeup offerings. Good for mass appeal, but it can get pretty boring when you’re just accumulating a bunch of neutrals. The shimmer definitely takes it out of that category. The price point puts it in the Sephora or department store brand range, which is fine as long as the shadow performs well.

This shade is great if you want to jazz up your everyday neutral shadow look. A little pizzaz without offending your company’s HR.

True to its mineral makeup claim, this shadow only contains 4 ingredients: mica, iron oxides, titanium oxides, and ferric ferrocyanide. No talc to be found, which is great for those who are sensitive to it, but I’ve seen some people claim sensitivity to mica as well. Just note that it is in there. I didn’t have an adverse reaction.

Because it’s a loose pigment I expect packaging to come with a filter to prevent powder from going everywhere when you open the container. yourMinerals delivers there. Though their filter isn’t my favorite, as it has four larger openings (I prefer those with central nets), I appreciate that it keeps my shadows safely in the container. You’ll need to be careful when tapping out product as it can go from not releasing much to dumping out a good amount of pigment. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, because you get so much powder I’m going to have trouble getting through all of the product before it expires.

This is a dry application with matte shadows from Smashbox’s Photo Op Trio in Filter as a base.

Being a pigment, color payment is phenomenal. Applying dry over primer and matte shadows, the color showed up as a soft brown shimmer that was noticeable but subtle enough to wear during the day. Like most shimmer shadows (especially pigments) this applies best either with your fingers or a flat shadow brush. I didn’t get any fall out from the pigment when I was applying and blending.

I did experiment wearing it wet, which looked really great. I stupidly only got a picture of the swatch, but you can see that wet you get even more shimmer payoff.

A wet shadow swatch. All the shimmer!

The only drawback I see to this is because it’s a mineral shadow, it’s incredibly soft. I found that even with primer this shadow did crease some after several (6+) hours of wear. However, this is something I get with every mineral shadow I try, so again it’s not a deal breaker. And frankly, the majority of the time I wore the shadow it looked great. It was just closer to the evening/night that it started creasing.

Bottom line: yourSweden stays true to its claim by delivering truly mineral makeup that only has four ingredients. Despite the natural formula, this pigment is gorgeous. You get a ton of color and shimmer payoff, both wet and dry. For the price point you get a ton of product that you could only use up if you used it every day. I’m quite impressed and would love to try more from this brand!

If you’d like to subscribe to Boxycharm, follow the link!


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