Ipsy Review: Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish

You’re getting bold there, Ipsy.

I like getting the occasional nail polish in my subscriptions. And, depending on the color, I don’t mind being adventurous. But I definitely wasn’t so sure about what Ipsy sent me in May.

Ipsy included the Aurora Cosmetics Gel Effects Nail Color in Safety Orange (USD $8.99, full size). Ever since gel nails became a thing, every other brand has come out with their “gel effects” without the need for the UV light kit. In all honesty, I have yet to find one of these that acts like a gel nail polish. This polish is no exception, but I wasn’t expecting it to really act like a gel manicure.

(If you’re looking for a long lasting gel look, just get a gel manicure or the light machine if you’re constantly getting them and want to cut back on cost.)

It’s like I have mini traffic cones on my hands.

Let’s discuss this color. Bright does not begin to describe it. Just like the name says, this is a true safety cone, neon orange color. I really thought I was going to hate this color. I have nothing against neon nail polishes and, in fact, do like them! But traffic cone orange isn’t the first color I reach for.

Though intimidating in the bottle, I found myself liking the neon orange color more than I thought I would. On the nails, it’s not as shockingly bright. And since I’ve gotten two more shades darker with the summer sun, it did look nice against my skin.

I have mixed feelings about the formula. On the one hand, this nail polish applied really well and just needed two thin coats to reach full opacity. It also did not chip. On the other, after a few days the corners of the polish started lifting off of my nails to the point of peeling off the whole nail color. This lasted four days on my nails before I noticed the corners starting to lift. By day 5, the polish had started to curl up and peel off, so I just removed it.

It definitely doesn’t live up to its claim of lasting two weeks.

It might be that I used the wrong top of base with this (one from Formula X), but I’ve tried that base with several different brands and have never had this problem. So far, I’ve got to chalk it up to the formula.

Bottom Line: Aurora Gel Effects had a promising start, with its beautiful application. But no one wants their polish peeling on them. Since each polish is $12 when not on sale (like this shade), it doesn’t inspire much confidence. I’d be happy to give another color a chance and see if it does better, but I don’t really want to invest any of my money in a full priced polish.

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!


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