December Beauty Subscriptions!

It’s the end of the year and the final beauty subscriptions of 2016 have rolled in! December can be a hit or miss month for beauty subscriptions. I think this happens because they’ve had a year to set the bar, and November tends to be a stellar month for most subscription services. Last year’s offerings weren’t my favorite, but this year I’ve noticed a huge over all improvement in what’s being sent.

First, the $10 subscriptions.

You can see glimpse of my cat, Beau, who wasn’t about to get off of my blanket.

Birchbox has finished off a rough year with a decent box. Is it anything stellar? No, but there are some good samples in here. I opted for the pre curated box, since I wasn’t ecstatic about any of the individual sample choices. Inside the box:

  • Rene Furterer Lucia Shampoo and Conditioner. These types of samples aren’t my favorite, since shampoo can be such a finicky choice for most people. I don’t mind collecting samples for trips or emergency cases where I run out of my usual products. I’m a little disappointed by the sample sizes. On the one hand, if I hate them then I won’t feel bad throwing away the rest. On the other, I’m not sure if I can get enough uses to decide whether or not I’d want to buy the full size.
  • IPKN Radiant Cream Primer with SPF 15. I’ve already received this in a prior box and really enjoyed it! I don’t stray away too much from my Jouer Anti Blemish Matte Primer, but especially in the drier months I like to have a luminous primer on hand whenever my skin needs the added boost. Still, I’m bumping into the repeated samples problem with Birchbox.
  • The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream. I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while now, so I was glad this sample was in the box! It’s a little on the heavy side, so I’ll definitely be using this as a nighttime moisturizer. I do wish that sample size was bigger. Moisturizing samples do last me a good bit, but I’d appreciate a quarter or half an ounce more.
  • LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Rock Steady. I like the formula of this in-house brand shadow stick, and I don’t have anything like this smoky greige color, so this is a happy addition to my growing shadow stick collection!
  • We also got a little hand mirror, which was a cute bonus.

Again, my biggest beef with Birchbox (besides axing the rewards system) is the fact that there are so many repeated samples! This is yet another month where I’ve gotten repeats. Granted, they were repeats I enjoy, and I don’t mind getting repeated makeup formulas I like in different shades. But the main reason I like subscription services is to sample things I haven’t tried before. Yet again, in the January sample choice preview I saw a ton of products I’ve already gotten in the past. This, plus the fact that I’ll lose an Ace Status I won’t ever regain because I can’t earn points with reviews has me leaning towards canceling my subscription in March. That means just two more Birchboxes ever left for me.

Still, you may see what I’m getting and think you’d like to try out Birchbox. If so, you can sign up here.


Solid effort from Ipsy.

Ipsy’s December bag faired much better than last year’s. The bag itself isn’t as fun as October or November’s. The mohair fabric is an interesting choice that I can see a lot of people loving. But I live in a cat dominated household, so cat hair is already clinging to this bag. Luckily, the contents are much better!

  • Royal & Langnickel MODA Angler Shading Brush. I’ve gotten brushes from this brand in Boxycharm before and really enjoyed them. I’m definitely happy to see another brush from them in the bag. The only thing is that I received an angled shader brush in last month’s bag and have told Ipsy in my monthly feedback that I’d like to see less eyeshadow brushes and more face makeup tools in my bag. Normally, their algorithm does a good job of catching these things but it definitely didn’t this time. I’ve given the same feedback again to see if they’ll take it into account in January.
  • Smashbox Insta Matte Lipstick Transformer. This is a sample I’m glad I got because ever since this came out I’ve been wanting to see if it’s worth the hype. I love a good matte lip and do have some creamy/satin lipsticks I’d love to see in a matte finish. After looking at the ingredients, I have to wonder if using a silicone based makeup primer would give me the same effect…
  • NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow in Fireball. I already love this eyeshadow line from NYX and am happy to get a color I don’t already own. Normally, I don’t wear a lot of reddish shades, but this one is just so pretty! I’ll definitely play around with it.
  • City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Blush Trio. City Color is one of my favorite affordable brands. And when I say “affordable” I mean it. This brand is in Wet n Wild pricing territory. Not everything is a hit, but they can knock it out of the park occasionally. The blushes in this trio are really pretty and all three colors I would wear.
  • Privai Aqua Gel Mask. I love the size and packaging of this sample! Granted, I’m not huge on jar packaging for skincare, but it’s still a really cute jar. I enjoy a good hydrating mask, especially in the winter and will definitely get some use out of this.

Overall, a great Ipsy bag to end an over all great year of subscriptions from them. I’m more than happy to stick with Ipsy in 2017. If you’d like to give Ipsy a try, you can sign up here.

The best addition to beauty subscriptions in 2016.

Sephora Play did it again with another great subscription bag. While not as amazing as November or October’s boxes, it’s still filled with some great goodies. I also love how they jazzed up the duster with a gold and black finish for the holidays.

  • Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. This is a newer mascara to the Lancome line. (I believe it launched a few months ago.) I’d already had a sample of this that I got as a bonus from either Ulta or Sephora, but I really enjoy this mascara. I’ll give my full thoughts on it in another post, but this is a good one to get in the box.
  • Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red. A great liquid lipstick color choice for a winter box. However, Sephora continues their tradition of having the dinkiest sized samples for their house brand! Seriously, look at how tiny that is. It’s not even the same size are the mascara bottle! I don’t mind trying samples from the Sephora brand, but they really need to step up their sample size.
  • Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer. Yet another product that launched in 2016 that I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve heard some hype around these primers, so I’m glad I have my hands on a sample to try before investing in a high end primer.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. A cult classic that’s already a top favorite of mine. I’m a long time user of this setting spray, though right now I’m trying out a couple of drugstore brands to see if I can find a good affordable alternative. I’m happy to keep this around for traveling and such.
  • Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. As a girl who can only wash her hair two or three times a week, dry shampoo has been a lifesaver. I’ve heard rave reviews about Dry Bar’s formulation and cannot wait to try it out!
  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose. I love Black and Bourbon, but Rose was a miss for me in the fragrance department. It’s just too heavy on the floral side for my personal taste. I can see how this could smell wonderful on the right person. However, this just wasn’t a good fit. But at least Sephora sends this as a sixth sample, instead of replacing another beauty sample with fragrance!

Sephora has really upped the bar for the $10 monthly beauty subscription. Get on the wait list if it isn’t in your area yet. You’ll absolutely want it once you can get your hands on it. It makes me wonder if competitors like Ulta will be getting on on the beauty subscription game in the coming year…

Now, for the $20 subscription.

Finally, a box with products that match the theme!

Talk about hit and miss for December, Boxycharm definitely falls into that category. Last December was pretty good. I think I received an Ofra liquid lipstick in that box, which I’ve been using frequently. November was so great, I just wasn’t sure Boxycharm could beat it. However, it did come pretty close! I have to commend Boxycharm on actually having the products in the box match the theme! This month, it was “On Pointe”, referencing ballet dancing. With The Nutcracker being such classic Christmas ballet, there was a definite sugar plum, magical holiday vibe in the box that went so well with the theme.

  • OFRA Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Napa Valley. This is a phenomenal example of the more on trend makeup I like seeing in subscription boxes. I already love OFRA’s matte liquid lipstick formula and am so happy Boxycharm included one of their newer metallic liquid lipsticks in the box! This shade is a very vampy, deep, yet still holiday appropriate purple shade. I know this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I for one am stoked to see it in the box!
  • IBY Beauty Lip Liner. We received an eyeshadow trio in October from them, and it was okay. I think a lot of people loved the neutrals, but for me it wasn’t anything outstanding, though the formula was decent. I still like trying things from brands I don’t really know, even if a prior product wasn’t a hit. I think people got various shades of this lip pencil, but I’m super happy I got one that actually pairs with the liquid lipstick in the shade plum.
  • ButterLONDON Nail Lacquer in Ruby Murray. I love ButterLONDON Polishes, so I was stoked to get another one. I know I just finished complaining about repeat products, but again, I don’t repeats of certain makeup formulas if it’s something I love. The color Ruby Murray goes perfectly with the sugar plum “On Pointe” theme, as it’s a deep plum color that’s perfect for the holidays.
  • Makeup Eraser Mini. I’ve been wanting to try the cult Makeup Eraser towel for a while now! With such a makeup dominating box, this is a great item to have to take everything off after playing with all the products. I wonder if this microfiber towel will live up to the hype.
  • Pure Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette – Buff Collection. Alright, this is probably the item I’m least excited about. Yes, it’s another full size eyeshadow palette. Yes, the colors in this palette, rose cool toned shades, go very well with the rest of the makeup included and the box theme. I should be jumping for joy. However, I’m a wee bit tired of seeing indie brand companies put out these Urban Decay Naked Dupes that are sent in subscription boxes. Just looking at the packaging, you can tell somebody was trying to copy the Naked 3 palette while claiming it’s worth $50. That’s just $4 cheaper than the Urban Decay originals, so why would you go for a copy? I’m a little salty about this because Boxycharm did this last year with Coastal Scents Naked Palette dupe attempts and it’s always disappointing because the quality just isn’t there.  I know that a lot of people might like getting these dupes because they can’t afford to splurge on a Naked Palette and you’re getting similar colors in your $20 subscription box. But personally, I’d rather see palettes that are unique offerings from Indie brands instead of dupes.

Despite my rant on the palette, this was a great way for Boxycharm to end the year. They really have stepped up their game and grown tremendously throughout 2016. Now that they’re growing, they are starting to do more variations in their boxes, which is great. Though I do have to admit I wish I’d have gotten a Makeup Geek Eyeliner. Still, I hope this means they’ll soon be able to tailor their boxes more to customer beauty profiles in the future. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer in the coming year.

If you want to try Boxycharm in 2017, you can sign up here.

So who won in December? Mmm, that’s a little hard to say. Excluding Birchbox, I think the beauty subscriptions all hit some great high notes and had a few misses. I’m pretty happy with what I got in December.

What about you guys? Did your subscriptions fair better or worse than mine? And what will happen to Birchbox next year? It seems in the beauty world we have a lot to look forward to in the new year.


Urban Decay Lounge Eyeshadow

When luxe brands give out tiny samples.

Everyone knows that when Urban Decay does shadows well, it’s a pretty amazing makeup experience. Urban Decay was the first high end brand I ever bought. I was 13 when I purchased their single eyeshadow in Baked, which is still one of my favorite shades. Ipsy included these sample size pans from their singles. I received the shade Lounge (USD $19.00, full size). This is an iridescent shadow that’s classified as one of UD’s shimmer shades. It does have a slight duo chrome quality to it, reflecting between green and red.

Of course, I have to chuckle at the teeny tiny size of this shadow pan. But honestly, it would take me a while to go through a shade like this anyway. Rest assured that if you buy the full size, you’ll get a very decent sized pan that will last you.

Now, I did have a small snafu with my shadow sample. It happens from time to time, but my sample arrived broken. Luckily, I have some empty acrylic pots on hand just in case I shatter any of my eyeshadows and am unable to press them back into the pan. So, when I sampled the shadow I did so with it in a non pressed form.

This sheers out on the lids to a pretty, soft rust with a green shift.

It speaks well of UD that I got this shadow to work for me even as a broken shadow. It did lose a little bit of its pigmentation potential, but I really enjoyed the soft look I was able to great with the crushed shadow.

I wish I had my HD camera on hand when I did this to capture the true color. My phone camera washes out the color a bit to look more brown. In reality, what I got was a shadow that looked like a natural rusty brown, but when it caught the light shifted to green. I absolutely love it.

Buttery, buttery shadows.

What I love about the Urban Decay formula is how easy it is to smooth out and blend them over the lid. It’s what made me fall in love with them all those years ago. It’s not quite as buttery and soft as a Lorac or Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. However, it’s not super stiff. It actually has a good balance and eliminates a lot of the fallout you can get from lines with softer formulas. This quality almost always transfers to their permanent palette shadows (the Naked series is well loved for good reason), though some limited edition editions don’t quite meet the expectations I have when I hear “Urban Decay shadow”.

Missing that summer ombre.

Seriously, my pictures aren’t doing this shadow justice. Lounge is an incredibly beautiful color.

The only thing I would mention is that this is a pretty dupable color. Makeup Geek has a similar color for a couple of bucks less. So if it’s this particular color you’re lusting after, unless you only like the UD formula, you can find similar and more affordable dupes.

Bottom line: What can I say? Urban Decay single shadows speak for themselves. They have 85 shades for you to choose from in different finishes. Whether you reach for a single or a (permanent) palette, you won’t be disappointed by the pigmentation. This is great, because it means people with deeper skin tones will find shadows that will show up beautifully.

Going back to that little broken sample problem, I want to take a moment to commend Ipsy on their amazing customer service. The same day I received my glam bag, I contacted them to let them know about the broken sample. They apologized and immediately put in an order for a replacement sample. I thought, per my past experience, it would take a couple of days for the replacement to ship.


It shipped within an hour of my contacting them. My replacement arrived three days later. I was just blown away by how amazing they were! If I ever have to deal with them again, I’ll know to expect great service.

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!

Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash

This isn’t Soap & Glory’s best offering…

From a great skincare product to one I didn’t love as much. If you haven’t heard of the Soap & Glory brand, you will soon. This is a well known UK brand that’s priced at the higher end of drug store level. They started out in body and skin care and are now expanding into cosmetics (FYI, their Kickass Powder is my holy grail touchup and setting powder). Here in the US, you can find the Soap & Glory brand at drugstores in more metropolitan areas or at Ulta.

What’s eye catching about Soap & Glory is their cute packaging with cheeky names and slogans. I’ve been dabbling into their products this year. Like many drugstore body and skincare brands, I’ve had some hits and misses. For instance, I absolutely love their Breakfast Body Scrub and Righteous Butter, but am still on the fence on their Clean On Me Shower Gel.

Despite some misses, I do really enjoy this brand and love trying out their stuff. I was stoked when I saw they were collaborating with Ipsy. I received the Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash (USD $12.00, full size 11.8 oz). First thoughts: you get a ton of product for a relatively good price. This is definitely at the more affordable end of skin care.

If you look on Ulta’s website, you’ll see that this cleanser has almost a perfect 5 star review score from users. That was extremely promising. Those that tried this out said it was a good clarifying cleanser that didn’t dry out their skin, which is exactly what I look for in a cleanser.

The first thing I noticed when using the cleanser was the overwhelming “fresh” scent it had. It wasn’t a bad scent, but as you can see from my previous posts I’m not a huge fan of fragrance in my daily skincare products. If it’s a mask I use occasionally, I’m more forgiving. But daily exposure to fragrance on my face? Pass. Daily exposure to fragrance will make my skin feel overly sensitive.

The good news is that this cleanser is not drying, especially for combination/oily skin. It does a good job of cleaning the face without having it feel overly stripped. Granted, my skin did feel slightly tighter than it does when I use my Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser, but not dried out.

The bad news is that, as predicted, the fragrance in the cleanser did begin to trigger sensitivity. There wasn’t any externally visible irritation, but my skin did start to feel slightly stingy to the touch. I’m not a fan of having my face feel tender, especially since it can make applying other skincare and makeup unpleasant.

Looking at the ingredient list, I’m not overly impressed with what I’m seeing. I know it’s an “affordable” cleanser, but Cerave also falls into that category and they pack some pretty great skincare ingredients into their cleanser, while only being 99 cents more expensive.

Bottom Line: This is a definitely pass for me. While it had some promising reviews online, Soap & Glory’s Clarity Facial Wash just misses the mark. It does do a good job of cleansing the skin without being too drying, but unfortunately the amount of fragrance in the cleanser just triggers too much skin sensitivity. For now, I’m going to stick with my usual cleanser. Soap & Glory does have some great products in their line, but this didn’t work out.

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!

ClariSEA Sea Salt Solutions Deep Pore Detox Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Mask

Sometimes, it’s great when a sample pops up twice.

Like most beauty enthusiasts, there’s nothing like a good mask. For someone with combination and acne prone skin, it’s even better when it’s a clearing mask.

Three years ago when I started with my first beauty subscription, Clarisea’s Sea Salt Solutions Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Mask (USD $15, full size 2.0 oz) was one of the samples I received. I didn’t have a social media platform to share my thoughts then, so I was really happy to see this sample pop up in another subscription. I don’t mind repeats, especially when there’s a significant time gap and it happens to be a product I enjoyed.

Being someone with an oily t-zone and acne prone skin, I incorporate a pore cleansing mask into my skin care routine at least once a week. Sometimes, I’ll bump it up to twice a week if I’ve been wearing a lot of face makeup or its summer time.

My favorite aspect of Clarisea’s mask is how natural and pure the ingredients are. Take a look at the list: Kaolin, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt), Sodium Chloride (Mineral Salt), Organic Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, and Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder. If you’re someone whose looking to switch their beauty regimen to one that only has “clean products”, I highly recommend looking into this brand.

This is not to say that I’m 100% against artificial ingredients (I’m absolutely not). But I know that some people are extremely ingredient conscience and want to stick to products that are as all natural as possible.

Of course, I’ve dragged some all natural products for not being effective. Just like price doesn’t correlate with effectiveness, neither does the ingredient source. However, I love it when I find something that does work. This definitely falls into the latter category.

This exfoliating mask is quite powerful at pore extraction and oil control, so much so that I cannot use this as a cleanser because it will dry out my skin. I do think this would make a great natural cleanser for those that suffer from extremely oily and sensitive skin. However, it’s just perfect for that once a week mask that helps keep my oily zones in check and helps to clear out the gunk from my pores to prevent acne. (Remember, once the acne is there you basically just have to wait for it to die on its own unless you go to an extracting professional. It’s all about prevention.)

The effectiveness of this mask comes from the inclusion of calendula extract, which is a great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and activated bamboo charcoal that has oil absorbing and extraction power. You’ll find these same ingredients in a ton of clarifying skin care. Here, you’re getting this without any of the filler ingredients at a relatively affordable price.

The packaging of the sample size is a bit of a nuisance, because it’s a container with a twist off top that leaves all of the product exposed. Not really a problem from a hygienic standpoint since it’s dry product, but if you want to use this in the shower it can get messy. The full size seems to be in a twist off bottle as well, so that’s something to look out for. You may want to stick to using this outside of the shower.

Bottom line: I love this stuff. This shows that you can find some gems in natural beauty lines. If you have oily zones, sensitive skin, and are acne prone, this is a great natural option to help control oil and prevent breakouts by using this as a mask. If you have very oily skin, you can even try and use this as a daily cleanser. On top of that, it’s at a great price. This product is an absolute winner.

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Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks Blush in Peach Pink

Blush pans are a great way to build up your Z palette collection.

I love it when my samples are space savers. Having four beauty subscriptions, I build up a substantial amount of makeup samples. If I can easily store them, it’s a huge bonus, which is why I love receiving products that come just in the pan. This can be annoying to makeup new comers who don’t know about the wonders of the magnetic palette. As your makeup collection grows, you’ll really begin to appreciate pan makeup samples.

But enough about pans. Let’s look at this blush. Elizabeth Mott is one of those brands you probably have never heard of, but is in every subscription service. I don’t mind this, as I love discovering what brands exist outside of Sephora and Ulta. There are a lot of online brands that have now become cult favorites in the beauty community. This particular brand is focused on making Korean-inspired beauty items, taking from the South Korean trends and aesthetic.

If you go the Korean beauty route, you’re going to get soft, feminine looks with pops of color. It’s a really pretty aesthetic, especially for those who don’t like heavy amounts of makeup.

I received the Show Me Your Cheeks Blush in Peach Pink (USD $23.00, full size). This is suppose to be a creamy formula that gives long-lasting color. Swatching the blush, it definitely feels very creamy. It’s not stiff like Tarte blushes and is even creamier than Makeup Geek pans. I’m actually surprised they can make something so soft and claim that it’s long lasting.

Completely unrelated to the blush, I kind of miss my summer balayage.

Now, what I like about this blush is that it does deliver a soft flush that’s more natural looking than some of the more intense blushes. The peachy pink color stays more towards Korean beauty trends and away from the current American trend of muted, but pigmented 90s colors. The satin finish also gives a dewy radiance consistent with Korean beauty aesthetics (versus the current matte American trend). It definitely lives up to its mission statement of bringing Korean aesthetic to the US.

The blush does apply beautifully, sitting well on foundation. However, for a true Korean beauty look, I recommend pairing this with a BB of CC cream for a natural look. While I can get a good 6 hour wear out of this blush, the softness definitely prevents it from being more long lasting. You’re not going to get as much wear time as a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. You can easily touch this up.

Great for a pinky summer look.

Final thoughts: This is a really nice blush. It’s a great formula that blends well into the skin and gives a soft, natural looking flush. For anyone looking to follow the Korean trend, this is definitely a product you’ll want to check out.

Having said all that…I have a tiny beef with Ipsy over the color selection that was put in our bags. Normally, Ipsy is very good at sending me makeup items that show up on my tan skin tone. This shade of blush, however, definitely didn’t take into account those of us on the medium-tan to deep end of the spectrum. I could make this blush color work, but I really had to build it up to get the payoff on my skin tone. And this was before I had gotten any significant summer tan. I checked Elizabeth Mott’s website and saw that they also offered a deeper pigmented coral color that would have been a better choice for their deeper skin subscribers. Of course, I understand that brands will typically only offer samples in certain colors, but Ipsy definitely missed the mark putting this shade in the bags of subscribers with tan complexions.

It’s a rare miss, but something to note. I ended up passing on this sample because I have other blushes that give me a similar effect but whose shades give me better color payoff.

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Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eyeliner

Just another black eye liner?

I always reach my personal limit with black liners in subscription boxes. I’m one of those weirdos that cannot stand having more than one of the same kind of eyeliner in the same color open at the same time…Did that make sense? Basically, I cannot have multiple black eyeliners open at once, because I feel like they’re all going bad.

If I get a black liner in a subscription it has to have some sort of special property for me to try it out. This is one of those rare products that qualifies. Ipsy sent me the Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eye Pencil (USD $19.00, full size) in one of my glam bags. Though it’s been out there forever, tight lining has comeback into the spotlight as a makeup trend. Given the 90s makeup revival, this isn’t surprising.

Back in high school, eyeliner was my beloved makeup item. I wanted Princess Jasmine eyes and I wanted them know. Not only would I outline my entire eye into an almond shape, but I would also tight line. A bit overdramatic for a school day, but I loved the effect it gave.

As I’ve gotten older, my eyes have gotten more sensitive. I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 10, and almost two decades of lens wearing can take a toll on the eyes no matter how hygienic you are. I don’t tight line as much because of my eye sensitivity, but I’ll do it on occasion if a look calls for it.

Besides being sensitive eye friendly, I look for one thing in my waterline liners is staying power. I need these to be extremely waterproof, because if they end up a smudgy mess, what’s the point?

Before delving into performance, I want to discuss how much product you’re getting and the price. Being $19.00, this is automatically placed in the high end range. With the Vasanti pencil, you get 0.01 oz of product. Compare this to the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil, which costs $20 for 0.04 oz. It’s a difference in product amount, but honestly unless you tight line every day, it won’t really make a difference. Also, Vasanti’s eye pencil is a twist up, while Urban Decay’s is a pencil you have to sharpen, so you’ll inevitably lose some product.

I like the construction of Vasanti’s twist up pencil. Automatically, I like that it’s a mechanical twist up. Sharpening makeup pencils isn’t my favorite thing to do. So when I can avoid it, I do. It’s a fine tip liner, which is ideal for waterline application.

The intensity was ideal for my Hufflepuff Hogwarts Houses look.

What can I say? I love this eyeliner. From the picture, you can see that the intensity of the black is great. I didn’t have to work hard to build up the opaqueness of the liner, which is something to say considering this goes onto the waterline. The formula is also smooth enough to glide on without tugging at the eye. I also used it to outline the outer line of the eye and it went on smoothly. The finish is a matte black, which is what I prefer.

I’ve used this several times now and have not needed to set it with black shadow to keep the liner in place. I like this, because having shadow in my waterline can dry out and irritate my eyes. I’ll do it if I need a look to last all night, but not for daytime looks.

Final Thoughts: This is a phenomenal waterline eye pencil. It’s opaque, applies smoothly, and stays set in place for several hours-no raccoon eyes here! It is a little difficult to remove, but so are a lot of liners when used for tight lining. It also sits comfortably on the waterline without causing irritation. I’d say that this is a good investment.

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