Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eyeliner

Just another black eye liner?

I always reach my personal limit with black liners in subscription boxes. I’m one of those weirdos that cannot stand having more than one of the same kind of eyeliner in the same color open at the same time…Did that make sense? Basically, I cannot have multiple black eyeliners open at once, because I feel like they’re all going bad.

If I get a black liner in a subscription it has to have some sort of special property for me to try it out. This is one of those rare products that qualifies. Ipsy sent me the Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eye Pencil (USD $19.00, full size) in one of my glam bags. Though it’s been out there forever, tight lining has comeback into the spotlight as a makeup trend. Given the 90s makeup revival, this isn’t surprising.

Back in high school, eyeliner was my beloved makeup item. I wanted Princess Jasmine eyes and I wanted them know. Not only would I outline my entire eye into an almond shape, but I would also tight line. A bit overdramatic for a school day, but I loved the effect it gave.

As I’ve gotten older, my eyes have gotten more sensitive. I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 10, and almost two decades of lens wearing can take a toll on the eyes no matter how hygienic you are. I don’t tight line as much because of my eye sensitivity, but I’ll do it on occasion if a look calls for it.

Besides being sensitive eye friendly, I look for one thing in my waterline liners is staying power. I need these to be extremely waterproof, because if they end up a smudgy mess, what’s the point?

Before delving into performance, I want to discuss how much product you’re getting and the price. Being $19.00, this is automatically placed in the high end range. With the Vasanti pencil, you get 0.01 oz of product. Compare this to the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil, which costs $20 for 0.04 oz. It’s a difference in product amount, but honestly unless you tight line every day, it won’t really make a difference. Also, Vasanti’s eye pencil is a twist up, while Urban Decay’s is a pencil you have to sharpen, so you’ll inevitably lose some product.

I like the construction of Vasanti’s twist up pencil. Automatically, I like that it’s a mechanical twist up. Sharpening makeup pencils isn’t my favorite thing to do. So when I can avoid it, I do. It’s a fine tip liner, which is ideal for waterline application.

The intensity was ideal for my Hufflepuff Hogwarts Houses look.

What can I say? I love this eyeliner. From the picture, you can see that the intensity of the black is great. I didn’t have to work hard to build up the opaqueness of the liner, which is something to say considering this goes onto the waterline. The formula is also smooth enough to glide on without tugging at the eye. I also used it to outline the outer line of the eye and it went on smoothly. The finish is a matte black, which is what I prefer.

I’ve used this several times now and have not needed to set it with black shadow to keep the liner in place. I like this, because having shadow in my waterline can dry out and irritate my eyes. I’ll do it if I need a look to last all night, but not for daytime looks.

Final Thoughts: This is a phenomenal waterline eye pencil. It’s opaque, applies smoothly, and stays set in place for several hours-no raccoon eyes here! It is a little difficult to remove, but so are a lot of liners when used for tight lining. It also sits comfortably on the waterline without causing irritation. I’d say that this is a good investment.

If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, follow the link!


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