Too Faced Cult Classics:Hangover Rx Primer and Better Than Sex Mascara

One of the biggest complaints about subscription services is that a lot of the makeup included comes from the lesser known brands. However, it’s been a good 5 years since the first subscription services launched and well known favorites have been finding their way into monthly boxes and bags. Ipsy has been partnering quite a bit with Too Faced, which has let me try two tried and true cult favorites: The Hangover Rx Primer and the Better than Sex Mascara.

Here are my thoughts.

The Hangover Rx Primer is well loved amongst the most famous beauty gurus.

Like many online beauty enthusiasts I first heard about this makeup primer from Kathleen Lights. She sold us hard on why this primer was the best thing since sliced bread. Hearing from one of the queens for YouTube beauty space (and one of my personal favorites), I’ve had this on my radar as something to try. But since this is high end makeup, I’m always hesitant to invest in the full size based off of hype.

The Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Facial Primer (USD $32.00, full size for 1.35 oz), is described as a makeup primer “that’s infused with coconut water, a probiotic-based ingredient, and skin revivers which work together to boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity, and help hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, longer, and more flawless wear.” Reading between the lines, this is a hydrating primer that’s great for dry skin that needs the extra plumping.

While I’m all for plumping and firming primers, I have to be careful with hydrating primers. As someone with normal/combination skins, more emollient primers can leave my skin feeling too tacky and give me a look that’s too dewy for my taste. I’m all for a natural finish, but there’s dewy and then there’s just plain greasy.

Minus the small amount of fragrance, I’m a huge fan of the ingredients. We’ve got some real winners for keeping the skin hydrated, such as coconut water and olive oil extract. Do be careful and read the ingredients to make sure there’s not anything you’re allergic to. Because of the fragrance in there, those with very sensitive skin should also be cautious. It didn’t cause an adverse reaction on my skin, but always best to play it safe.

In the end, this primer was a wee bit too hydrating for my skin type. It ended up feeling and sitting on my skin more like a moisturizer than a makeup primer. While I didn’t get a bad tacky sensation, I need something that’s a bit more mattifying. In the end, I wasn’t a huge fan of how my makeup sat on my skin.

That’s not to say it’s a bad product. I can see how this could be wonderful for those with dry skin and fine lines. But if you have any oily spots, you may want to pass on this one. If you have dry/oily combination skin, you could probably use this in conjunction with a more matte primer on your oily zones, especially if your dry patches need that hydration boost.

Bottom Line: A true hydrating primer that those with dry skin will love, but are best avoided by those with normal to oily skin. Sensitive skin people need to double check the ingredients to make sure there are no irritants or allergens.

But is it better than sex?

Practically every beauty guru and their mother swear by the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (USD $23.00, full size). After trying it out for a few months I can see why they praise it.

On the plus, this is one of the most beautiful volumizing mascaras I’ve ever used. It gives just enough clump without looking like a huge mess. And if you already have a generous amount of lashes like me, you’re going to look like you have a great set of falsies on.

As beautiful of a finish as it has, there is one big negative that I cannot get past. This flakes and smudges like nobody’s business, especially on the lower lash line. Because it’s a clumpier mascara the formula is a little drier. I didn’t have much of a flaking problem when the tube was freshly open, but as the weeks went on there was more and more.

I’d even give the flaking a pass if it weren’t for the smudging problem. I get that a lot of people will buy a separate lower lash line mascara, but if I’m going to be paying more that $20 for a mascara, I don’t see why I’d have to purchase yet another mascara. I want something that can get the job done at that price point.

Now, there is a waterproof version, but some reviews I’ve seen on this says that the smudging and flaking problem still persists.

Bottom Line: While I love the gorgeous voluminous finish, I cannot get over the smudge factor enough to invest in a full size tube. I’ll happily use up any free travel sizes I receive in the future, but I’ll make sure to pair them up with a mascara I know won’t smudge on the lower lash line.

I got to try both of these Too Faced samples through my Ipsy subscription, so if you’d like to try them out you can sign up here.


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