Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows

A small sample that goes a long way.

If you’re a makeup newbie, you may not be aware of just how great Make Up For Ever eyeshadows are. Since one was included in a Play! By Sephora box, you may want to sign up for the subscription service (if available in your area). It’s a good way to try Sephora’s brands.

Those of us who are enthusiasts already know, so do I even need to talk about it?

Back when I took my blog pictures on an iPhone camera. Pardon the quality.

I’ll be brief, but there’s a reason MUFE’s single shadows are pricey (one will run you $21.00). They tend to be very pigmented, smooth, and incredibly blendable. I’ve used a few in different finishes and have yet to run across a bad shadow. So the good news is that even though you’re paying $21 a pan you’re getting a quality product made in Italy.

That being said, is it really worth paying the full price for the shadows?

This particular shade is Pink Granite in a iridescent finish.

I think full price could be worth it if there’s a really unique shade that you know you’ll use all the time. Otherwise, there’s a ¬†better way to try out these shadows.


Though you’ll be getting a slightly smaller pan size, I think newbies to MUFE should go for the collection palettes they put out every new season. MUFE will look at the trends and put together colors that exist in their catalog into a pretty palette that comes with instructions.

Some palettes will come in a particular finish. The fall’s version, Vol. 4, was all matte for the matte eye trend. These palettes are $44 and have 9 shadows, a great value. The florals collection is currently on sale for $34. If you’re a real novice and aren’t adventurous enough to try colors, go for Volume 1 Nudes. It’s got great basic colors that are user friendly as you build up your eye makeup skills.

Speaking of neutral makeup…

Bottom line: While pricey, MUFE shadows deliver. Personally, I would go for their collections for the value, but if you already have the basics and none of the collection colors speak to you I’d swatch the colors that have caught your eye in person and invest in a pan or two. Can you find similar colors for a lower price? Yes. But if you see something unique, I think you’ll get your money’s worth.


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