Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Eyebrow Gel: Worth It?

I’m really glad Play! By Sephora included this cult classic in one of the monthly boxes. People who are new to makeup may be asking themselves, “What’s the big deal with eyebrow gel?”

Well, as a gal with unruly brows, let me tell you that this can be your best friend, especially now that brows are so important and the bushy boy brow is all the rage.

Such a simple product that’s a necessity, IMO

So really, what’s all the fuss about?

If you’re like me and your brows have a mind of their own, this is your new best friend. Yes, I understand that the fact that Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel runs $22.00 for the full size is off putting. But honestly, this stuff is like super glue for your brows without feeling like hairspray on the face.

Lately, I’ve been doing the bushy brow technique where I brush brow gel through my hairs in the reverse direction and then taking a brow brush to arrange the hairs that look out of place. It’s a great way to get the runway boy brow without looking crazy in real life. The ABH clear brow gel has been great for me, because it keeps my work in place through a full day, including 2 hours of working out. The rest of my makeup may be faded but at the end of the day my brow hairs are still in place.

Alright, I can admit that if you have very sparse brows that easily stay in place, this probably isn’t the product from you. I can safely say you can pass on this and be alright. You’re better off just investing in a tinted brow gel and some brow powder to get a polished, but full brow. You can find great brow products at both high end and more affordable prices (personally, I love Essie’s brow gel, if you need more cool toned shades).

I’ve been on the search, but I just can’t find an affordable alternative that does for me what ABH does. If I could I would, but for now I’d say this is a purchase worth your money. Plus, it lasts a really long time before it either dries out or gets gross.

Bottom line: Yes, it’s just a clear brow gel. Yes, you’re paying over $20. But honestly, if you have unruly brows that don’t stay in place, this is worth while.


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