February 2016 Boxycharm Review #5: OFRA Banana Powder

OFRA, you’ ve been so good to me.

Ever since contour has become main stream (it’s been around forever, but the Kardashians made it seem new) every brand has come out with a banana powder. For those who don’t know, this yellow powder can be used to highlight certain parts of the face and brighten any dark areas. I do love doing a “light contour” with a lighter colored concealer and cream contour stick, so a highlighting powder would be a great addition to my lazy contour routine. I’ll occasionally do full contour, but just for special occasions because it can get pretty time consuming for just a day filled with errands.

I’ve been wanting to try a banana powder for a while, but I was a little scared that the color would be too light to do anything on my skin tone. I own a peach powder from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, which does a great job of highlighting and concealing my under eye area. I use a dark peach color corrector to take care of darkness under my eyes because yellow just doesn’t cut it on tan skin. Luckily, Boxycharm came to the rescue and provided OFRA’s Banana Powder (USD $12 for a single pan, $15 with packaging) in our February boxes.

I love pans I can throw in a Z palette.

OFRA has been one of my favorite online brands to discover in the past year. Thanks to influencers, it’s quickly become popular, especially for their liquid lipsticks. Luckily, the hype matches the quality of the brand, for the most part. Their liquid lipsticks are some of my favorite as are their powder highlighters. However, I had mixed experiences with their eyeshadows. I got a palette they did in collaboration with Ipsy, and the shadows were hit and miss. The shimmers were pretty great, but a lot of the matte shades, while still workable, were still pretty chalky and powdery. Some didn’t have very much pigmentation, which was so disappointing. Since banana powders are matte, I was a little hesitant about OFRA’s quality.

Before a full face of makeup, but after setting my under eyes with banana powder.

Luckily, it seems the banana powder is formulated a differently from their matte shadows. It’s definitely nowhere near as chalky and doesn’t kick up as much fallout. The last thing you want is to set your under eyes with a powder that will make you look cakey. While not the softest powder formula, it still applied smoothly and evenly.

As a setting powder, it did perform well. My concealer was kept in place all day.

As a highlight, color corrector, it was a little mixed on me. Because of my skin tone and the type of darkness under my eyes, this powder couldn’t give me the color correcting/brightening effect I wanted on its own. I could still see some darkness under the powder and concealer. However, it did do well when paired with my peach color corrector. That’s what you’re seeing in the picture above. I used the L.A. Girl orange color corrector, then Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium, and the banana powder to set everything. These three together give me great coverage and brightening without losing the matte makeup look or looking cakey. I’m really happy with it.

While it doesn’t have the pigmentation to get the job done on my dark circles, I do like sweeping this on the high points of my face to do a softer contour on days where I don’t want to wear a strong highlight. This is something I couldn’t really achieve with my ABH peach powder, but the banana powder highlights where the peach powder can’t. It also makes a great matte brow bone highlight. It’s been a great addition to my collection.

Finally, I’d like to note that I love how OFRA offers you the option of buying the individual pan or the powder in packaging. With these types of powders, I’d much rather pop them into a Z palette. Kudos for making things convenient!

Rating: 5/5. While the formula isn’t the softest, this matte yellow powder is very versatile and performs well. On my tan skin tone, it worked best as a matte face highlight for a more natural looking contour. However, it definitely needed help from a peach corrector to fully correct and cover my under eye circles. I see that OFRA makes some darker toned peach cream correctors, but I would love for them to put out a peach powder. Overall, this is a great little powder.

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