March 2016 Ipsy Review #5: Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo

That feeling when you receive a product you already love.

At this point, dry shampoo is a necessity in most people’s lives. It has been a true lifesaver for my hair so I don’t have to wash it as much. Washing leads to color fading, which leads to more trips to the salon and more money to be spent. Plus, my wavy hair cannot handle constant washing.

No thanks.

Dry shampoo has been the biggest game changer in my hair routine. I love that I can get away with washing my hair only twice a week without it turning into a greasy mess. And I do some pretty intense, sweaty workouts. I’ve found that the biggest thing when it comes to dry shampoo is finding the right formula for you.

I’ve tried loads and have three favorites: two at a higher price point and one at drug store. I’m happy to say that LivingProof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo (USD $22.00, full size or $12.00, pictured travel size) is one of them. Now, $22.oo for a dry shampoo is pricey. I’ll be the first one to admit it. And yes, you can find perfectly good options at the drugstore (I recommend Batiste, which runs around $8.00). But there are some qualities that I love about Living Proof.

This is the dry shampoo that is second best at preventing build up. It’s no secret that dry shampoo is basically powder and is inspired by ladies back in the day who would use baby powder to clean their scalp (my great aunts would rock this life hack). Powder can lead to build up. After a few days of using any dry shampoo, I’m ready to hop in the shower and get my scalp feeling lighter. With Living Proof’s it takes about four days before I start feeling like there’s a layer of buildup in my scalp, though I’ve seen some people using it up to two weeks!

It also has a very pleasant clean scent, which is good at masking the scent that hair oil produces. You don’t want to have a scalp that looks clean, but stinks. I can even smell the scent activating while I work out.

Living Proof is one of the brands that’s best at not leaving behind white residue. This is a problem I dealt with in the early days of dry shampoo. I’d even have to put it on before getting dressed to avoid white stains. Living Proof leaves behind none of that. It fades to invisible as it absorbs the oil.

Of course this is $22.00 and since I go through dry shampoo like a mad man, I’ll rotate this with my all-time fave, Amika ($24), and my favorite drugstore, Batiste ($8) to save some cash. For every Living Proof or Amika shampoo I use, I’ll follow it up with two cans of Batiste.

Rating: 5/5. I really couldn’t sing this dry shampoo’s praises enough. It has one of the best formulas on the market and totally justifies that $22.00 price point. It’s lightweight, smells wonderful, and leaves your hair looking good for several days at a time. While not the most affordable, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

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