Ipsy Review: Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment

Another day, another hair oil.

Since I beat up my poor hair with color treatment and heat styling, hair oil is an essential in my routine. I use it as a heat protectant and a nightly nourishing treatment on my ends in between washes. I love getting oils in subscription boxes, because then I can add to my backup stash. That being said, I’ve gotten pickier and pickier about the hair oils in which I like to invest my money.

Not all hair oils are created equal.

For the past three years or so, I’ve sworn by Bumble & Bumble’s Hair Dresser Invisible Oil. It’s ridiculously expensive, but it works well enough to justify the price. Still, I like to try and find cheaper (but still good) alternatives when I can. I have yet to find one that I like just as much. Still, I won’t stop looking for a more affordable alternative to recommend.

On the affordable side, we have Eva NYC’s Hungry Hair Oil Treatment (USD $20.00, 3.38 fl. oz.). This is way more affordable compared to Bumble & Bumble (USD $40.00, 3.4 fl. oz.).

Looking at the ingredient list, there are some great oils.You’re getting keravis, obliphica, argan, wheat germ, and jojoba oil. Keravis and argan oil are the featured ingredients in Eva NYC’s hair treatment products. On the minus side, this does have some fragrance, which makes the oil smell really yummy but it’s fragrance in a nourishing treatment. This is hard to avoid in hair products, but still worth noting. I won’t hold this against Eva NYC, though.

This does have dimethicone in it, which I know some people don’t like in their hair oils because they say it gives has a temporary smoothing effect that doesn’t let you see whether or not the oil is actually penetrating and treating the hair. I’m more forgiving of dimethicone in hair oils, because I know it serves the purpose of acting as a heat protectant for hair. I get the criticism for this ingredient, but trust me, that dimethicone layer doesn’t last forever and you can definitely tell if an oil is doing its job of nourishing the hair, especially over time.

With promising ingredients, I was down to try this oil. I decided to use it as both a heat protectant, applying it to wet hair before styling, and also as a touch up oil on the ends of already styled hair. The oil does feel a bit heavy on contact. Since I have shorter hair, I just used a small drop of oil. It went a long way and I was able to use it from mid shafts to the ends of my hair.

My hair did feel soft after styling. However, I suspect that this is more due to the dimethicone. As for appearance, I noticed a significant difference especially in the way that my ends looked. When I use my Bumble & Bumble Hair Dresser Oil, my ends look shiny and more polished. With this, my ends looked fine, but they were duller and drier than what I’m accustomed to. I kept all other hair products I use the same, so I can’t attribute the change in the appearance of my hair texture to anything else.

As a touch up oil, it didn’t really do much. Again, it brought back some temporary softness. However, it didn’t make the ends look any better.

This was really too bad! It could be that the oils in here just aren’t a good match for my hair. My hair tends to do much better with oils that include coconut as a major ingredient (hence, why the Bumble & Bumble one works so well for me). I know this works well for some people, so I really think it’s a matter of what works best for your hair. Hair care, like a lot of beauty care, is so incredibly personal and is going to vary between everyone.

(For reference, I have color treated, short, normal, 2A wavy hair.)

Bottom line: While it has some promising ingredients, Eva NYC’s Hungry Hair Oil Treatment just didn’t work for me. My hair did feel soft after using it, but there was a significant difference in the healthy appearance of my hair. While slightly more affordable than my go-to oil, I’d rather splurge on the pricier item in this instance.

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