May 2016 Birchbox Review #1: Davines LOVE Shampoo and Conditioner

Davines LOVE Shampoo. We meet again.

I reviewed this back when I was on tumblr, but I decided to move that review over here and update it a little.

I’ve received hair products from Davines in the past. Some I liked, some not so much. My favorite product of theirs is the hand cream, which is lovely and discontinued (WHYYYYY). Anyway, Davines LOVE Shampoo and Conditioner retail for USD $25 and $29, respectively. I’ve tried these before, but back when it was the old “pink” formula. I did like the old formula a lot. Back then, this was a cult favorite, so I was surprised to see that they changed it. Still, I figured it was for the better.

So how does the new formula compare?

First, let’s start with the packaging. Davines is so generous with their sample sizes. The shampoo came in quantities to last me three weeks worth of washes, and it was in an easy squeeze bottle, which made it great for storage and use. By far, the best shampoo sample packaging I’ve ever received. You rock, Davines. The conditioner was a bonus item, so it came in a standard foil packet. I hate foil packets, but this was a bonus sample and came with a ton of product, so I can’t be too mad. (But it would be nice if the bonus sample came in a mini bottle – just saying.)

Now, the actual formula. The smell is pleasant. It smells like a shampoo version of clean laundry. It’s a very clean, not overpowering smell.

LOVE shampoo and conditioner are suppose to tame frizz and detangle hair. I don’t have too many problems with tangles since I have short hair. However, I live in a high humidity area with wavy hair – so I get all the frizz. The old formula did a great job of taming the frizz.

This new formula…eh. I had a bit more frizz than usual with it. Maybe it was the fact that the weather here has been more humid than usual, but the shampoo and conditioner just did not deliver on that promise. The detangling formula, however, still kept my hair incredibly soft. The new formula isn’t terrible, but just didn’t deliver on frizz control.

The conditioner also was not very nourishing for my hair. I don’t think this is due to a difference in the formula. Really, the difference is due to me now coloring my hair*. When I received the first sample three years ago, my hair had no color treatment, so I didn’t need as much hydration. Even though the shampoo and conditioner don’t strip your hair color, the conditioner simply isn’t hydrating enough if you color treat. However, I think the conditioner would work just fine for people who don’t color or for those that have finer hair.

*Update: I have shaken up my hair conditioning routine and now do a deep prewash treatment with coconut and castor oil. I think with this new routine, the conditioner should work just fine on my hair.

Bottom Line: While the new formula isn’t as good as the old, this is still a solid shampoo and conditioner. For my thick, wavy hair it did not deliver on its frizz control promise, but the detangling ingredients kept my hair soft and easy to manage. The conditioner wasn’t hydrating enough for color treated hair (at the time of reviewing), but will work for those who don’t color.

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