April 2016 Birchbox Review #5: PARLOR Volumizing Lifting Spray

Oh, Birchbox. You just keep pushing Parlor on us.

I gotta laugh every time I see a Parlor product in our boxes. This is one of Birchbox’s exclusive brands, so they push this stuff hard on us. I’ve really come to enjoy it.

I’ve been happy to find that after a mediocre start, I’ve been liking the hair products from Parlor that I’ve been sent. I mean, they have that heavenly scent, which I hope the brand was smart enough to patent, but the last couple have actually been really effective for my hair type.

This time around, they sent the Volumizing Lifting Spray ($24.00, full size). Price point puts this in the high end category (though not luxe, like Oribe), so I expect this to perform on par with Bumble & Bumble, Living Proof, etc. I do use a lifting spray at my roots to get my hair style to last longer. I hate washing my hair so the more days I can get away with dry shampoo without getting flat roots, the better. Currently, I’m using the Briogeo Volumizing Blow Dry Spray (USD $18.00), which is absolutely fabulous. It’s a tough contender to beat, as it’s an all-natural product that happens to be super effective.

I’m glad this spray continues to have the wonderful woodsy peachy smell. Like any volumizing spray, I applied this to the roots of my damp hair before styling. It’s incredibly lightweight and doesn’t add a lot of buildup to the roots. No one needs buildup to weigh down hair. And you know what? It performed wonderfully with heat styling. It did give me added lift to my styling that helped my style last several days. (I typically cave on washing my hair on day 4, because I do work out and eventually can’t stand the way my hair feels after 4 days of sweating and using dry shampoo.) So honestly, this is a product I could recommend for anyone that uses heat styling and has my hair type (wavy, thick, normal to dry hair). I also think it could be good for oily hair, but I know people who are dealing with particularly oily roots probably don’t want to add too much product.

The only point where my Briogeo wins (besides price–but not by much) is that Briogeo is able to give some added lift when my hair air dries where Parlor didn’t. Granted, it never claimed to do so, but I do like that about Briogeo. So while I absolutely can recommend this as an excellent hair product, I won’t be switching over. However, I know that natural hair products like Briogeo don’t work for a lot of hair types, so Parlor is a good alternative in the same price range to consider.

Bottom Line: Parlor’s Volumizing Spray is worth every penny. It’s effective at giving hair roots an added boost, which could help your styling last longer. Plus, it smells amazing. So if you’re looking for something in the high end price range of hair care, you should definitely check this out.

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