December ’15 Boxycharm Review 6: Bellapierre Waterproof Gel Lip Liner

I’m still not over how great this color is.

Lip liner hasn’t been my thing. I’ve always thought of it as kind of superfluous. If you have lipstick, why the liner? The majority of the time I do use a universal clear liner from e.l.f. to make sure my lipsticks don’t spread out all over my face. (Not cute.) But I’m slowly discovering that lip liners are a great way to ensure full color opacity and change up the colors of lipsticks.

I’ve only tried one other product from Bellapierre Cosmetics that I got in a previous Boxycharm. It was a lip and cheek tint, which was ok (I think it was a little too oily for my liking). So I was a little iffy when I saw the liner we got was from them, but the color looked promising.

This Waterproof Gel Lip Liner (USD $18.00) is up there in price, so I expect it to work just as well as anything I’d find in Sephora. The color, like I said before is amazing. I got the shade Cinnamon, which was a great match to the liquid lipstick Boxycharm also included. I really like this color, because it’s a pinky brown. This has been great to wear under my on-trend brown lipsticks (liquid and traditional), but it’s also been great to darken up some nude shades that I bought that were just a hair too light for my complexion. This is great, because now I’ll get a ton of use out of those shades.

The color by itself can also be worn, because the formula is so great. Since it’s a gel formula, this isn’t a drying lip liner. This is a problem I’ve had with liners in the past and why I don’t like wearing them on their own. Granted, I know they’re suppose to be drier and thicker in order to act as a “border” for lipstick. But it’s also great when you can wear them on their own.

The liner on its own. Seriously, this color is so lovely.

Because it’s a gel liner, it’s not quite as long lasting as a traditional liner. But it still provides a good buffer between reapplications. So you won’t be left with a patchy hot mess on your lips.

It also sharpens really well. I’ve been using it so much I’ve had to sharpen it twice in the past month and half (that’s pretty big for me). So for a “wooden” pencil, it’s great quality. It sharpens to a smooth point without losing much product.

All in all, I’m in love with this liner and could see myself buying more in the future.

As for other colors, the selection is limited but Bellapierre does have three other colors. Two are in the nude/brown family and one in the darker red. Hopefully, they’ll come out with other colors but the ones they have seem pretty great and universal.

Rating: 5/5. Boxycharm hit it out of the park by including this liner in our box. Bellapierre has delivered a gorgeous on-trend color that is comfortable enough to wear on its own or paired with another lipstick. The price is high, but this absolutely performs as well as any liner you’d find in Sephora.

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