January 2016 Birchbox Review #3: TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint

Love me some Tony Moly

TonyMoly has quickly become one of my favorite K-Beauty brands. It’s more on the affordable side, but they still offer some great products. My personal favorite is the Wonder Honey Cream, which is my day time body lotion. It’s like bathing in honey without feeling sticky.

Birchbox included one of their makeup items, the Delight Tony Tint in Red (USD $6.00, full size). Six bucks for a lip product definitely puts it in drugstore prices, which is awesome. I like using liquid lip tints when I want a “naturally flushed” look on my no-makeup or “no-makeup makeup” days. Right now, I’m using one from PeriPera, another K-Beauty brand. I do love that one, but it’s twice as expensive. I’m always down for finding a more affordable alternative.

This tint is suppose to be super pigmented, and long-lasting with a matte finish. I can definitely get on board with that.

The baby sample size is adorable, but has more than enough product. Honestly, I can never fully finish one of these without it drying out first. It was also well made, so I got a good feel for the product. Like the full size, this tint comes in a tub with a doe-foot applicator. Most tints do, though it’s not necessarily the best tool to use when applying something that sets so quickly. I opted to dip my lip brush in the applicator to get a more even application of color.

This formula is really wet and dries crazy fast, so you better be ready to spread out the color quickly, less you end up with splotches. But if you get it on quickly enough, the color does set beautifully and is very build-able.


For that “I just ate a lollipop look”.

The picture above is the look I achieved after two coats. It was super cute and natural looking.

I have gotten it to a much bolder red color, but I prefer the two-coat look.

The finish is matte and not tacky, which I definitely appreciate. I felt like I could press my lips together and not have the color transfer to random spots on my lips. However, being matte does have its downside: it is drying. I highly recommend prepping with a lip scrub and moisturizer or else the color will settle in the lip lines.

The smell is incredible. It reminds me of cherry candy from childhood, which I appreciate. If you’re sensitive to smell, don’t worry. This fades away after a few minutes.

As for longevity, eh. It’s nothing special. Just like I expect from any lip tint, it lost a few hours, but was virtually destroyed by eating and drinking. I could reapply, but again, you’ll definitely want to use a lip balm first.

One problem all lip tints have are the patches of color flakes as the day wears on. TonyMoly, unfortunately, was no exception. However, it did not flake to badly and using a lip balm definitely helped cut down on this problem. It’s not really a deal breaker for me, because literally every lip tint has this problem.

Rating: 4/5. This is a great lip tint option if you want something affordable. For a beautiful flush that wears relatively well, you can’t beat this. I would love to try out other shades!

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