May 2016 Birchbox Review #3: Model Co. Lip Lacquer Lipgloss

The smallest lipgloss sample ever…minus those absurd lip sample packets from certain brands.

Matte liquid lipsticks have been reigning over the lip market for the past two years. I love the super matte lip look, but it can get a little mundane. Not to mention, super drying for the lips. This summer, however, lipgloss made its comeback. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with lip gloss since I started wearing makeup mainly because the formulas available when I was a teenager were sticky and super heavy feeling. I still cringe at that sensation and heavily associate it with lipgloss.

Any time I try a new gloss, I go in assuming that it’s going to be this horrible heavy curtain of stickiness. This is despite me knowing that formulas have improved so much since my teenage days of sparkly gloss. (I swear, there was a glitter explosion in the early 2000s.)

In May’s box, I received the Model Co. Lip Laquer in the shade Creme Brûlée (USD $24.00, full size). The gloss is suppose to be fully opaque and deliver a hydrating formula. From the description, this is my preferred type of lipgloss. Even though shimmery lipgloss is making a comeback in the fall, my preferred finishes are either sheer or a solid color with no shimmer. Though I will say that ColourPop put out some beautiful metallic finish glosses that I really enjoy. I also like that it’s hydrating because some glosses can weirdly dry out the lips. How? I have no clue.

This is a straight nude colored gloss — no pink or peach undertones, just a true nude.I’ve seen Kim Kardashian West rock the super nude lip gloss for a long time and been envious of the fact that I’ve never been able to pull it off. I was hoping this color would finally let me see if I could make a true nude glossy lip work

A very true nude, indeed.

The Creme Brûlée color itself is stunning. For a true nude, this did not wash me out. However, I do suggest wearing this only if you have other makeup on your face or else it might wash you out.

True to its description, Model Co.’s Lip Lacquer did go on with full opacity. One swipe and I had the color I wanted. There was no patchiness, which is the number one thing you don’t want with a solid color gloss.

Luckily, the formula on this was very lightweight, nonsticky, and hydrating. It felt so incredibly comfortable and I totally forgot I was wearing it. It’s truly a beautiful formula. However, I do have one complaint.

At first, I thought this was because I hadn’t properly exfoliated my lips, but this still happened when I retested. After a couple of hours of wear, I noticed a white ring forming along my inner lip. I suspect that the white in the formula began to separate from some of the other color.

That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from repurchasing this lipgloss. I’m not a fan of ending up with that ring. It might not be a deal breaker for someone else, as you can easily fix it. But it was annoying enough for me to not want to repurchase, especially since I don’t have this problem with a lot of the other gloss I own, both more affordable and high end.

Bottom line: Model Co. offers a stunning nude gloss color that doesn’t wash out my tan complexion. The formula is incredibly comfortable. If they were to correct the whole white ring situation, I would love to try this again.

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February 2016 Ipsy Review #2: VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind Sparkling Lipgloss

I’m weirdly proud of the way this picture came out.

My relationship with lipgloss has had its ups and downs. I use to wear it all the time as a teenager, since I saw it as something a little more sophisticated than lip balm, but not so grown-up as lipstick. Though, with teenagers nowadays knowing how to contour and color correct, everything is fair game.

Even as a teenager, I was never a huge fan of lipgloss, because of its sticky and heavy texture. Of course, companies have vastly improved their formulas since I left high school ten years ago but it hasn’t been my go-to lip product. I just preferred lipstick (matte and creamy finish) to the glossy look. Plus, my lips are naturally plump and I sometimes didn’t like the way clearer glosses made them look a lot bigger. It called too much attention and I wasn’t a fan.

Since my teen years, I’ve discovered some wonderful opaque colored glosses that I absolutely love (hello, NYX Butter Gloss!). Thanks to these, I have a more open mind when it comes to gloss finishes.

Ipsy sent my way the VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin (USD $21.00, full size). Any lipgloss at that price point means I have to measure it up against not only my fave drugstore glosses, but the pricey ones I can find at Sephora and Ulta.

So much sparkle. So much pink.

When I initially swatched the formula on my hand, I was a little worried. This gloss seemed to be a sheer one with a ton of sparkle. I’m talking way more sparkle than I’m comfortable with. I don’t mind shimmer (hello, I’m a highlighter addict), but sparkle has never been my thing.

This lipgloss was reminding me of the stuff I wore in high school when glitter was all the rage (on the eyes, the lips, the body, t-shirt writing…everything was covered in glitter). The pinky color and packaging also reminded me of the glosses you’d see a little girl get in a play makeup kit. Needless to say, my expectations weren’t very high.

Enough sparkle to make a unicorn jealous.

First impressions on putting it on was that this was a phenomenal formula. This gloss applied well and settled on to the lips comfortably. I did like how the applicator was one of those painter’s brushes instead of the traditional doe foot. It works well for sheerer glosses. The pinky color of this shade was actually a good match to my lips’ natural color. The overall affect was definitely SPARKLE…but not terribly in your face.

I wore this gloss over an entire day and was very impressed with how it held up. Of course, I had to reapply in between meals. However, I didn’t find the gloss to be heavy, sticky, or to dry out the lips. I’m not sure how, but some formulas are drying. This one, however, is actually on the hydrating side.

While this gloss was much prettier than I expected and had a dream formula, in the end I probably would not buy from the Sparkling Lipgloss line. Sparkle just isn’t my personal aesthetic. However, with a formula this great I would be very interested in trying a more opaque gloss from VINTAGE or really any other lip product from them. This has been a very promising introduction to a new (to me) makeup line.

Rating: 5/5. If you want to get your sparkle on, but don’t want to look like a glitter bomb exploded on your lips, VINTAGE’s Sparkling Lipgloss are a great option. The sheer finish makes it ideal to wear on the lips alone or over your favorite lip color. The price point is comparative to what you’d pay at Sephora, but the formula is absolutely wonderful. Could you find something similar at the drugstore? I don’t know for sure since I’ve only purchase opaque glosses. But let me know if there are comparable sheer/sparkly glosses at the drugstore.

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