January 2016 Ipsy Review #2: Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Cream

Nothing more annoying than hotel lotion in a subscription box.

Listen, I’m not opposed to getting body lotion in my subscriptions. There are so many good moisturizers out there that it’s nice getting some to help weed through the riffraff. However, all of my box subscriptions have been guilty of throwing in a hotel quality, ineffective “lotion”. That’s upsetting, because you do pay for these boxes and it’s bad when they include a product that is going to be a throwaway.

This is one of those throw away products.

Now, I want to be clear Mitchell and Peach seems to be an organic luxurious English brand that uses all natural ingredients in their English Leaf Body Cream (36 British Pounds or USD $50, full size), so maybe Ipsy thought that by partnering with them they’d be giving their subscribers the chance to try a decent body lotion. Unfortunately, the ingredients just didn’t deliver.

For reference, I use two body lotions. In the morning, I use the Honey Wonder Moisture Cream from TonyMoly (I bought this at a TonyMoly boutique, but they don’t have it listed on their US website yet) and at night I use Cerave’s Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry skin. Both do a really good job of nourishing my skin, leaving it very soft and smooth without clogging my pores. One thing I love about the Cerave moisturizer is that it’s fragrance free and jam packed with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, both of which are essential cell communicators that help repair the skin. The Honey Wonder is more of the “natural ingredients” approach, with honey and lotus blossom extracts. It works well for me as a lighter daytime moisturizer, but I absolutely need something richer at night.

Mitchell and Peach’s ingredients did seem really promising. It has pretty much all organic oils (almond, peppermint, cedar wood, etc.). However, it does contain three slightly problematic oils: peppermint, lavender, and citrus. Lavender and citrus can irritate the skin. Peppermint…I’m not sure why this is an ingredient in a moisturizer when peppermint oil can be drying. It also has fragrance listed in the middle of the ingredients. I’m more lenient about fragrance in body creams, but they’re still not a favorite ingredient.

And with this cream, I don’t know what fragrance they’re using because this lotion smells like an herb garden. I love walking into an herb garden, but don’t necessarily want that smell on my skin. I’d rather have something with no fragrance. I’m not sure if they included fragrance to try and cover up the herb smell or to enhance it. Either way, I wasn’t a fan.

The consistency also wasn’t promising. While I don’t like lotions that are super thick and greasy, I do want something with a thicker consistency. This lotion was almost watery and reminded me of hotel lotions. It did rub into the skin well, but after applying I really didn’t feel like my skin was any more moisturized. I tried applying a second coat and…nothing. I tried using it as just a day time lotion in combination with my Cerave and still noticed that my skin was not as soft and started feeling tight.

For $50, I expect much more from a body lotion. Just knowing that I could get better results from a $16 massive tub of drug store lotion is discouraging.

Rating: 1/5. I appreciate the efforts into making a natural lotion, but this just failed across the board. It’s expensive, does not moisturize the skin well, and smells terrible. If you want more natural lotions, I think you’ll have more luck with Pacifica (they do wonderful lotions) than Mitchell and Peach.

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