March 2016 Ipsy Review #4: Nourish Organic Rosehip and Rosewater Body Oil Mist

Always love travel size body moisturizers.

These past few months, I’d really been needing some travel size body moisturizers. I spent the first four months of the year traveling back and forth between where I live and the next state over while completing a certification program. Even driving, I’m not a fan of taking my full size products. Space saving is key in my packing.

This sample of Rose Hip and Rosewater Body Oil Mist from Nourish Organic (USD 19.00, full size for 3 fl. oz). The full size comes in a spray bottle, which is better for application, though I was able to use the sample squeeze tube just fine. You also get a ton of product for $19.00. A little higher priced than a drug store moisturizer, but still affordable.

I really like trying natural and organic products, as I’m very ingredient conscious when it comes to skincare. I do have a little more flexibility when it comes to body skin care on things like fragrance, but I try to keep it as clean as possible. Nourish Organic, true to its name, keeps the ingredient list very simple. You are basically getting straight rose oil, so if you don’t care for the smell of roses or don’t react well to rose oil, then you’ll want to avoid this.

Of course, as I’ve seen with other organic makeup/skincare brands, not everything found in nature is necessarily good for the skin. I needed to check up on the ingredients to make sure everything was safe. Paula’s Choice has great cosmetic dictionary that has an almost complete list of every ingredient you could find in cosmetics. It’s what I go to when I’m looking at a new product. What I can’t find there, I google.

The first ingredient listed is sunflower seed oil, which is a great natural emollient for the skin. There’s also some yeast, which has been shown to help the skin repair (though this doesn’t have a definite scientific conclusion).

The rose ingredients in this product are a mix. The rose hip oil is a really good, non irritating emollient for the skin that can soften and smooth it. The rosa damascena flower distillate (aka rosewater) can be problematic for some. It does have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, which are really great for skin. But even though this is organic, it is a highly fragrant part of the rose flower. This can be super irritating to the skin and can cause reactions in some people.

Personally, I didn’t have any inflammatory reaction. My skin absorbed the oil without any problems. I didn’t notice any bumps or redness the entire time I was using it. But if you’re trying out rose products and have a reaction, look for that ingredient. It could be the source of your problems.

Since I didn’t react, I had no problem using up the rest of my sample. The oil did leave my skin feeling very soft after showering. I also noted a temporary brightening effect wherever I applied it, which I really liked! This isn’t quite as moisturizing as I like my body creams to be, but if you need something lighter this could be for you. I’d probably bring along an oil like this on vacation to nourish my skin after spending all day at the beach.

I very much enjoyed this oil.

Rating: 4/5. This Rose Hip and Rosewater Oil is true to its organic name. Certified USDA organic, Nourish Organic isn’t hiding anything behind its ingredients. For people who don’t react badly to the fragrance in rosewater, this can be a light but still nourishing moisturizer for the body. However, if you’ve had reactions to other floral oils or perfumes in the past, it’s probably best that you avoid this product.

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