January 2016 Ipsy Review #4: skyn ICELAND Glacial Cleansing Cloths

Let’s look at really expensive cleansing cloths!

I’m familiar with Skyn Iceland’s skincare line. They have some good stuff, but other products are misses. This brand’s claim to fame is that they use glacial water from Iceland. It’s suppose to have properties that help heal and soothe skin. I’m not saying glacial water can’t have those properties, but it does sound a little gimmicky. Regardless, they have some great products. I’m a huge fan of their Hydro Firm Cooling Eye Gels, for temporarily making my under eyes look better whenever I’ve had a restless night.

Anyway, onto the product I’m actually reviewing. The search for the ideal cleansing cloths can be rough. You have to watch out for weird ingredients and make sure that it’s strong enough to remove most makeup and gross stuff before washing your face. Currently, I’m using the Lumene Sensitive Touch Gentle Cleansing Wipes (USD $6.00 for a pack of 25, but you can always catch a sale at Ulta). I really love these cleansing wipes, because they are wonderfully formulated for sensitive skin. While I’m not as prone to breakouts as I was in my teens and early twenties, I don’t want to disturb the beast that is acne. Plus, as I’ve gotten older my skin has gotten more dry and irritating. After doing my research, I stumbled upon these and have been a dedicated user for almost a year.

It’s important to know what I look for in a cleansing cloth: 1) sensitive skin friendly ingredients and 2) the ability to remove the majority of my face and lip makeup. I use a separate eye makeup remover, because I know mascara and brow filler can be really hard to clean off. I also use Bioderma as a followup before washing my face to get any last remnants of makeup.

Please note: I do not use cleansing cloths as a face washing substitute. The only time I do this is 1) at the gym, post workout and 2) when I’m traveling internationally by plane to temporarily clean up my skin before I can get to a hotel bathroom. I’m religious about my skincare routine and firmly believe that just using a cleansing cloth, even if you haven’t worn makeup, isn’t going to cut it.

Skyn Iceland says their Glacial Cleansing Cloths (USD $7.00 for a 10 count or $15.00 for a 30 count) are perfect for cleansing and detoxifying skin on the go. (Let’s be real for a minute: you cannot “detoxify” skin. If you want to detox your skin, you have to aim for cleaning your system from the inside out — meaning good hydration, exercise, and a healthy diet. So we can immediately dismiss that claim.) The sheets are self-foaming and shouldn’t leave a sticky residue.

First off, the price for the 10 count pack is absurd. If you’re going to buy these, go for the 30 ct. It’s more than twice the price, but you’re paying 50 cents a sheet versus 70 cents a sheet. Don’t waste your money — buy the 30 pack. That being said, these still run about twice the price per sheet compared to my Lumene cloths, so definitely not the most affordable out there. Still, not a bad price if you buy the bigger pack.

Ingredients are fine, overall, but there are some ingredients that could be problematic. Skyn uses angelica root as an antioxidant ingredient. It can be a good antioxidant, but the high amount is a little worrying, because angelica root contains some phototoxins, which can increase a skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Add to that the fact that you’re not suppose to rinse your face after using the cloths, you could see some increase in sunlight sensitivity. I didn’t experience this, but then again I used this more as a makeup remover and did wash my face. Plus, I use an SPF on my face during the day. Still, if you’re already photosensitive, you may want to pass on these.

Additionally, these contain my least favorite skincare ingredient: fragrance. I’ve ranted about fragrance in skincare in the past, so I won’t bore you to death. Granted, it is the last ingredient listed. But seeing such a damaging and irritating ingredient in a daily use skincare product that’s suppose to remain on the skin is disheartening. Luckily, I didn’t see any increased irritation on my skin, but then again I only went through a 10 sheet pack so I can’t speak to longterm effects.

Ingredients aside, it is pretty effective as a makeup remover, performing almost as well as my Lumene wipes. The sheet itself did a good job of absorbing the makeup on my face, including liquid lipstick (impressive!). The foaming cleanser part didn’t feel unpleasant on my skin, but I did follow up by washing my face. One thing I did notice is that when I used my Bioderma, there was still quite a bit of makeup residue left on my skin. Being a cleansing cloth that’s suppose to replace washing your face, I’d expect it to do a better job of getting makeup off. Even after washing my face, there was still some makeup residue picked up by my toner. This isn’t too much of a problem if you’re just using this as a pre-wash makeup wipe, but it leaves little to be desired as a cleanser replacer.

Rating: 3/5. While these are decent face wipes for removing makeup, there’s absolutely no way someone should use these to replace washing their face. For getting you out of a quick jam, sure, but not as a cleanser substitute. Watch out for potentially irritating ingredients. Honestly, I would rather reach for a makeup wipe that is free of problematic ingredients and much cheaper. There are a few options at the drug store, so frankly, why spend the money on these?

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