April 2016 Birchbox Review #3: Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Solution

When you receive a skincare product you actually love.

What I love about Birchbox is that they’ve introduced me to brands that aren’t readily available where I live. It’s through them that I discovered Marcelle, a great Canadian drugstore beauty brand. I really can’t say enough about this brand, except that I’m glad I can purchase most of their products from Birchbox. They also have a website where you can buy directly from them.

A staple in my nighttime skincare routine is their Hydra-C Facial Exfoliating Gel. At night, when I’m removing all the makeup and grime from throughout the day, I really need an exfoliating cleanser that’s gentle enough to use every day without it drying out my skin. This hit the mark perfectly. I’ve gone through several bottles of this stuff and don’t plan on switching to any other cleanser any time soon. I also really enjoy their BB Cream Golden Glow. It acts as a skin perfecter that enhances your natural skin without giving full coverage, which is great for those days where I don’t want to wear foundation. And their Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is the best I’ve ever tried: perfect for sensitive eyes and skin, but powerful enough to fully remove waterproof makeup. Plus, if you can’t tell from the picture, Marcelle gives out GREAT deluxe sample sizes that are well packaged.

So whenever Birchbox includes a Marcelle product in a box, I jump at the chance to get it. This time around, they included the Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Solution (USD $21.00 for 10 fl.oz.) Micellar waters have been all the rage in skincare and every brand has been coming out with their own take since the OG Bioderma has had such amazing success. I currently use Bioderma as my micellar water and have been enjoying it, but I’m always willing to see what else is out there.

Comparing prices, on Amazon.com you can get Bioderma for a little cheaper, paying about 5 cents per milliliter ($23 for 500 ml) versus 7 cents for milliliter for Marcelle ($21 for 300 ml). Slightly pricier than Bioderma, but nothing to break the bank either. I’d say Marcelle is still a well priced option, especially if Bioderma isn’t readily available for you.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of performance, I want to make a small note about how I use micellar water. You’re suppose to be able to use this as a makeup remover/cleanser replacer. However, I find that any micellar water I’ve tried can’t quite get everything off of my skin, especially when I’ve been wearing a full face of makeup. Neither can cleansers or makeup removers. So I use this as a compliment to my skincare routine.

In the mornings, before washing my face I will take a cotton pad with micellar water as a pre-cleansing step. I find that my skin feels much smoother and my moisturizer and makeup apply better when I do this.

In the evenings, I will use my makeup removers first to get everything off, then a micellar water to get off anything left behind, and finally my cleanser to really give my skin a deep clean. It’s what works best for me.

Having said that, I was pleased to find that Marcelle’s performance did not disappoint. Like Bioderma, it’s very gentle on the skin and doesn’t over dry it. I do like that the Marcelle version is a bit more hydrating than the Bioderma. It also was very good at picking up makeup residue left behind by my makeup removers (even the best ones can’t get everything off). After washing my face, I found less makeup residue on the cotton pad I use for toning than I would if I didn’t do the micellar water pre-cleanse. I’d say it performed just slightly better than the Bioderma, but also didn’t blow it out of the water. It’s a comparable competitor.

Packaging wise, the full size comes in a clear bottle, much like Bioderma, but instead of pouring it onto a cotton pad, it has one of those push pads to get out the solution. I really do like this, though it can get annoying whenever you reach the end of a product. Still, I’d say it’s well packaged.

So clearly, we’ve got a winning product, but am I making the switch over to Marcelle? Maybe. Knowing I’m paying slightly more for less product is probably what’s keeping me from making the full switch. I did enjoy Marcelle’s version slightly more than Bioderma, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to get me to make the switch. Though, I can get Birchbox points if I purchase through them, so there’s that to take into consideration.

Also, I’ve heard that Garnier has come out with a really great micellar water that is much more affordable. I might want to give that a go before deciding which micellar water to go with.

Rating: 5/5. Much like Marcelle’s other skincare products, this is a real winner. The micellar solution is great for sensitive skin and acts as a wonderful pre-cleansing treatment to make sure you get as much makeup and dirt off of your face. It’s nondrying solution has me singing its praises. While slightly more expensive than Bioderma, it’s still at a reasonable price. If for some reason you didn’t like Bioderma and are still searching for the perfect micellar water, this is one I can highly recommend.

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