February 2016 Boxycharm Review #1: Spongelle You Have My Heart on a String

Gotta love it when Boxycharm sends something I would never buy myself.

In terms of what’s on my priority list for bath time, a sponge isn’t exactly up there. When Boxycharm included this You Have My Heart of a String Sponge from Spongelle (USD $15.00, full size) I didn’t know how to feel. I love getting body wash in subscription boxes, but a sponge? And a $15.00 sponge at that? Hmm.

I wasn’t going to stop from trying it though. The sponge texture and construction, I really love. It has a softer size to lather and wash and a buffer side that’s incredibly exfoliating to scrub the skin. The softer size builds up a great lather and can actually be a gentle exfoliant for people with more sensitive skin.

As for the buffer, get ready to come out without a layer of skin. I mean this as a compliment. I love how exfoliating this is! Now that spring is here, I use bronzer on my legs, arms, and d├ęcolletage to hide my winter paleness. (Yes, I’m aware I have a naturally tan complexion, but my legs and arms see almost no sunlight in the winter and trust me…it shows.) I need to exfoliate my skin really well to get my bronzer to soak into the skin properly, and this sponge gets the job done. After bronzing and adding lotion, my skin feels baby soft.

This is one of those sponges that’s already soaked in the body wash. I always feel weird about this, because I don’t like leaving bath product behind on my sponges. The body wash is suppose to have essential oils that supposedly nourish and hydrate the skin. However, I found that even just using the sponge side this body wash is too drying for my skin. I spent a lot of time wringing out the infused body wash so I could just use the sponge with my Aveeno Body Wash (I swear by this stuff. Best body wash and it’s good for sensitive skin.).

They claim there’s 14 uses worth of bath gel infused in the sponge, but I can’t say if this is true. I got rid of the body wash soon after trying. But from what I can tell, it does have a ton of product — probably enough to last you through several uses.

Questionable body wash aside, the sponge stores well in the shower. I do stick my sponges (makeup, body, even dish) in the microwave once a week to nuke the bacteria. It didn’t do damage to this sponge, which is a huge plus. I’d hate to have to throw it out early because I can’t disinfect it.

Rating: 4/5. I love the sponge itself. It’s made of great material that cleanses and exfoliates the body. Hands down, it’s the best exfoliator I’ve used. I just with they sold it without the infused body wash, because I just didn’t like it. I’d rather have a great sponge and just use my preferred body wash.

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