March 2016 Boxycharm Review #3: Luxie Beauty 512 Small Contour Brush

Easily my favorite brush brand.

Luxie Brushes are taking over the internet beauty community. Everyone has been talking about them (myself included) and for good reason.

I’ve been lucky to receive this brand in past monthly subscriptions and have become familiar with their superior quality. I love Luxie Brushes in a way that I don’t for other brush lines. Don’t get me wrong, I have my definitely favorites from other brands, but this brand is one that I actually get excited over. Whenever I find out I’m getting another brush in a subscription, it sells me on that month’s shipment, even if the other products are less than stellar.

In what is possibly the best Boxycharm ever, the Luxie 512 Small Contouring Brush (USD $16.00, full size as pictured) was included in March’s box. And dammit if this isn’t another gem of a brush!

Like the other Luxie brushes I own, this is from the rose gold line. It has a pink handle with a rose gold metal finish. The bristles are brown with white tips, so you can clearly see if the brush as product on it. It’s incredibly well constructed and absolutely worth the $16.00 price point. The bristles are soft and synthetic, which is my preferred material. I haven’t gotten any shedding after many uses and washes and the bristles are just as soft as day 1.

Contour brushes can be a little tricky to pick out, because you need them to be very precise or else you won’t get the shadow effect in the right place. This one, I find, is really great for getting precise application in the hollows of the cheek and around the jaw line. Whether I’m doing a full contour or just doing a more natural look with some bronzer, the brush definitely gets the job done.

The bristles are compact enough that they don’t spread product all over the place, so you can get a concentrated application. At the same time, they do allow you to blend out powder really well, so you don’t end up with random dark smudges on your face. I think the size of the brush will work well for many face shapes. If the brush happens to be too big for your cheeks it can still be used to contour the perimeter of the face. For larger faces, you make even get this to work around the nose.

Rating: 5/5. I mean, I can’t stop raving about this brush. It has become a staple whenever I’m contouring. I don’t do so without this brush. For $16, you’re getting good, expensive feeling construction, quality bristles, and a good shape that makes it a great tool for application and blending. I think I may need to start picking up some more of these brushes on my own. I wouldn’t mind having doubles from subscriptions because these brushes are that good. Kudos, Luxie. Please keep making great makeup tools!

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