January 2016 Ipsy Review #3: Crown Brush C413 Brow Duo Brush

Sometimes, brushes are hits and other times they’re misses.

Unfortunately, we’re continuing with the negative for Ipsy this month. This bag was the definition of hits and misses. But I swear, tomorrow’s will be a positive uptake.

I do love getting brushes in my bags, because I hate spending money on brushes. There’s just such a wide selection and I get really overwhelmed by them. Plus, they’re not the sexiest beauty products. I know there are people that hoard makeup brushes, but I’m not one of them.

This month, Ipsy sent the C413 Brow Duo Brush from Crown Brush (USD $3.28, on sale from $8.20). I love a good brow brush. Since I use brow powder, this is an essential tool in my makeup routine. When I was looking for a brow brush, I went straight to the mother goddess of brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills. I use the Duo Brush #7 for my brows and it’s the perfect brow brush. However, it’s always nice to explore other brands.

Let’s start with the positives. The brush is well made. It feels sturdy and well built, which is great for such an affordable brush. The spool end is actually really nice. It’s large but still works well to groom the brows and blend fillers (powder, liquid, or otherwise). But that’s where the good news stops.

I can get a good spool anywhere, but what makes or breaks a brow brush is the brush end. On the plus, this brush is angled, which works well for precise powder or pomade application. But what kills this brush is the stiffness of bristles and thickness of the brush. What makes the ABH brush so great is that the bristles are stiff, but still soft and flexible. It makes applying brow powder easy and gives great distribution. The stiffness of this Crown brush works against it. It makes picking up product difficult and gets brow power everywhere. You end up with a very messy looking brow. The thickness also picks up and applies way too much product. A thinner brush would allow you to apply product in small amounts that you can build up.

It’s just too bad, because without a decent angled brush this brush becomes useless. Yes, it’s affordable, but if you’re looking for affordable you’re better off buying an e.l.f. brush.

Rating: 1/5. A good spool isn’t enough to save this brush. Even at a $3 price point, this just isn’t a good tool. Save those $3 and put them towards an ABH brush or just buy an e.l.f. eyebrow brush for the same $3 price.

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